Xi Jinping gave a warning of a”Wall of steel” for China’s critics.

Xi jinping gave an address full of warnings
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On 1 July 1921, the Chinese Communist Party was formed. This Party has been in the power since China’s Independence. Its 100th anniversary was celebrated in China with full zeal and zest. On this occasion, Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a nationwide address. Initially in this address, Xi Jinping hailed the Communist party‘s success. Then, he threatened China’s critics. Xi Jinping gave a warning to other world powers while wearing Mao’s style suit. What did he say? Read the Article

Xi Jinping Communist Party’s 100-year anniversary Address | A Speech full of China’s superiority:

Chinese President Xi Jinping paid tributes to Mao Zedong and Xiaoping. He claimed that the Chinese Communist party has 95 million members, more than any other Political party in the world. Xi said China is open to any constructive criticism and wants to promote peace and stability in the world.

Xi Jinping addressed the nation on 100-year anniversary of the Communist Party in which he gave a warning to rivals.
Xi Jinping addressed the nation on 100-year anniversary of the Communist Party in which he gave a warning to rivals.

But he didn’t stop there. He went on to address China’s stance on Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. Xi said China will ensure that there must remain Jurisdiction of Central government on Hong Kong and Macao. Xi Jinping also addressed World Powers who favor Taiwan’s Independence. He threatened that Any attempt for the Independence of Taiwan will be crushed. His statement is important as the USA, Japan and other countries are boosting their support for a democratic government in Taipei.

“Whoever attempts to bully or enslave us will surely break their heads on the Steel Great Wall which is built with blood and flesh of 1.4 Billion Chinese People.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping

Two main Points from XI Jinping’s “address of warnings”:

The speech was more or less one hour long. But the main gist of this address consisted of Two points:

1) Xi wanted to threaten World Powers which are against China’s expansion and development.

2) 2) Xi wanted to further enhance Nationalism among Chinese people.

Why Xi Jinping gave a warning?

Xi Jinping looked aggressive because Pressure is mounting on him and China on many issues. World powers and People are giving him hard time.

A Poll was conducted in 14 out of 17 advanced economies by Pew Research Centre. At least 70 percent said they had no confidence in the Chinese President’s ability to do what’s right for the world. Apart from that, China is facing huge criticisms on:
1) Human rights violation

2) Genocide of Uyghur Muslims

3) Unable to control Coronavirus in Wuhan

4) Allegations of unfair trading practices.

However, despite the aggressiveness, his address ended with 100000 Doves being released.

All-inclusive, Xi Jinping’s address can be termed as the speech to increase Nationalism as China is facing slow economic growth after a long time. Xi Jinping spoke on the Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan issue and issued a warning to critics if they try to bully them. The world is increasing pressure on China on Human rights, minority rights, and coronavirus spread. How China will cope with this Pressure? Will Xi Jinping be able to take any other drastic measure except making an aggressive address? Only Time Will Tell!

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