Write for NaeTaze.com


The details for how to write articles or submit your articles for NaeTaze.

  1. You decide your topic in which we are worked that will be mentioned in menu
  2. Websites related to adults, gambling are not allowed.
  3. Must share Focus keywords and other keywords along with their search volumes and competition/ Keyword difficulty.
  4. Article title should be in between 30-55 characters
  5. Must Provide article Meta description of the article in between 50-150 characters
  6. Article minimum length should be 1000 words
  7. Article should be 100% unique and share Grammarly readability score 85-95, Plagiarism Report with zero grammar mistakes
  8. FAQ section should be added when necessary
  9. You can only use 1 external link and should be marked as a do-follow backlink and mentioned separately also
  10. Article image guideline
    1. The featured image should be relevant to the Article and cannot be repeated in the article.
    2. Image optimized in size with extension webp.
    3. Images should be of Creative Common License if taken from google
    4. You can also take images from free images websites.
    5. Images Should be 0f 800*450 size. (Maybe large if the shape of the image is disturbing due to resizing)
    6. Besides the featured image total of 3 images are required in the article.
    7. Should Provide images separately with google drive link.


You can email your article at “[email protected]”. Our Team will review your content and after approval, your article will be published.