World’s largest planetarium opens for the public on Sunday!

The building of world's largest planetarium
⟶ The building of world's largest planetarium
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Space and technological advancement has brought miraculous achievements possible on earth. You might call it a boring subject but you can’t deny the fact it lets you navigate your ways through the earth. China has always been contributing a lot of money and effort to astronomy. In 2019, their total output was around 65.87 billion yuan equal to $10.17 billion. Recently World’s largest planetarium opens in Shanghai today. Well, the largest word considers its building scale! Let’s dig into further details.

World's largest planetarium opens in Shanghai.
World’s largest planetarium opens in Shanghai for public on Sunday-18th of July 2021.

“China has made fruitful explorations in deep space in the 21st century,”

Ye Shuhua, an astronomer and member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Architecture Specifications

The top view of the planetarium looks like a ball or sphere. They’ve probably designed it similar to a planet’s appearance. However, it also includes a dome and a dome theatre that gives an exceptional look to the building. Just like the Sundials mechanism, there is a light spot on the ground that changes when sunlight shines.

The building of world's largest planetarium
The building of the world’s largest planetarium

They also have an educational adaptive-optics solar telescope present in the Xihe tower. This telescope can let visitors observe the sun. Isn’t that great? It also lets the observers witness highly defined images of solar flares and sunspots. Well, the planetarium is the new favorite for all those who love astronomy. However, Moon fans don’t be sad! They’ve got a double-focus, one-meter telescope that lets the people observe the moon and other celestial bodies of space at night. This telescope is present in the Wangshu Tower.

Specifications of the world’s largest planetarium

Having the largest surface area in the world it covers around 58,600 square meters of land. It is located in the Shanghai city of China near the Pilot Free Trade Zone Lingang Special Area. However, it is a part of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.

The museum manifests the innovative ideas of architecture, immersive technologies and exhibits them with a variety of themes. Shanghai’s planetarium has opened its doors to the public on Sunday (18th of July 2021). The museum also exhibits around 120 historical artifacts of the greatest Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, and the talented Johannes Kepler.

There are more than 300 exhibits at the museum. Whereas 50% of them are supposed to be interactive. This is super beneficial because this is how visitors gain knowledge of space. They get to know about technologies that include virtual reality, argumented reality, data visualization, and many more.

The main building is designed in the best possible way to show the universe based on three different themes. The themes are Home, Cosmos, and Odyssey. Moreover,

“I was privileged to be part of the early stage of the museum project, and wish all the success in inspiring future generations with stories about us and the universe,”

Thomas Kraupe

The popularization of astronomy can’t be achieved without the establishment of platforms that promote related knowledge. However, the Shanghai planetarium satisfies the Chinese youngsters for their keen interest in its knowledge. The establishment of the world’s largest planetarium is a platform of advancement for astrology lovers.

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