20-October World Statistics Day

20 October-World Statistics Day
⟶ 20 October-World Statistics Day is celebrated for applying data analytics
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World Statistics Day is celebrated on 20 October every five years. United Nations has officially designated 20 October as World Statistics Day in 2010. Furthermore, It is endorsed tha a reliable production of timely statistics and the country’s progress indicators are essential for policy decisions and monitoring and implementing the developmental aspects. World Statistics Day is the day for celebrating the Integrity, Professionalism, service achievements of official statistics. For getting more information about World Statistics Day, stay connected till the end with us.

World Statistics Day-Celebration

The systematic study of the collection, presentation, analysis, and interpretation of data is called statistics. The day officially designated to celebrate statistical analysis and its interpretation is World Statistics Day. How can we celebrate this day? Here is the answer to this question.

More than 100 countries celebrate World Statistics Day. The main focus is on the statistical achievements today, and global communities showcase their and future goals. In our general routine life, we are interacting with the statistical terms every moment almost.

World Statistics Day-Celebration
World Statistics Day- Celebration How to celebrate?

It may be checking the weather, making plans, preparing food, solving any problem, even using a clock. We can guess that how much importance these statistics have.

World Statistics Day- Campaign

The statistics division of the United Nations Department of Economic Affairs defines the global key message and utilizes the resources to increase the outreach of the campaign and its message. Moreover, Coordinators help translate the promotional data into national languages, and then events are organized on national and international levels to raise awareness about the concerned issue.

The amplification is more successful with the bits of help of the international organization. There should be trusted data by which we can connect the world for a better future.

World Statistics Day- Observance

World Statistics Day is observed every five years on 20 October. This Holiday is currently shown 2010-2030.

YearDateWeekdayNameHoliday Type
201020 OctoberWednesday WSD United Nations Observance
201520 OctoberTuesday WSD United Nations Observance
202020 OctoberTuesday WSD United Nations Observance
202520 OctoberMonday WSD United Nations Observance
203020 OctoberSundayWSDUnited Nations Observance

World Statistics Day and Data Strategies

According to United Nations General Secretary, we should buildup strategies to handle data, build data, technology and innovative capabilities to succeed in the 21st century. Action by everyone and everywhere is agenda strategy. Data is the baseline to create connectedness, unique goals of global advancement, impact, integrity and insight. Moreover, here are 50 participants who have programmed a playback strategy for data-driven change from a global perspective.

World statistics Day and Countable Facts

Statistics is a discipline to organize, interpret, display, analyze, presenting and collection of data.

When we apply this data to a large group, we obtain an overview of different problems related to different fields of life such as industrial, social or scientific.

In addition, we can say data is a word concerned with our age. By data, we can connect the digital community in one platform where they seek better global data interpretation. Data is a tool for liberation and, at the same time as a weapon for destruction. Data can challenges sovereignty and also eclipse borders.

World Statistics Day and Countable Facts
World Statistics Day and Countable Facts-Impacts of stressful life

One of the main focuses is also to build the trust of people in data. It is also celebrated, when misinformation and disinformation are speed is reached to people. National or international interests can produce this trust, actors, coordinators, and this should be the first and most priority to protect data and human rights.

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