World Refugee Day | Immigrants call on Canadian PM for help

world refugee day
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Refugees are homeless people who have no home to live in. Their displacement can be due to terrorism, racism and disasters. So they seek shelter in their neighbouring countries. The objective of World Refugee Day is to honour such people and encourage their hard work.

History of World Refugee Day

On December 4, 2000, the United Nations General Assembly, in their resolution 55/76, decided to declare 20th June as World Refugee Day. This marks the 50th year of the Refugee Convention, which works to protect the rights of homeless refugees on an international level.

This is how refugees have to survive mostly.
This is how refugees have to survive mostly!


This year the theme is “Together we heal, learn and shine.”

Immigrants in Canada

Canada is well-known for having refugees from all over the world. Therefore, 1 out of 23 people in the country are immigrants without fully protected rights. However, the majority of the immigrants work without authentic documentation.

The majority of refugees are not allowed to work in health care and income support. However, Covid19 has badly affected immigration in Canada. The rate has now reduced to 50%. In addition, it has now shut the door to refugees due to the ongoing pandemic. The long-standing issues of the immigration system have now led to tragic outcomes.

The federal government often orders immediate actions and commitments. Still, the inadequate policies surpass and most immigrants are blocked out. Canada also jailed around 50% of such people. Internationally Canada is recognized as a welcoming country. However, in 2020 government accepted only 18.500 people. Whereas, the previous value was around 58,378 people. This is even less than a 50% decrease now. The recent plans of the government, unfortunately, delay the permanent registration of undocumented immigrants.

“Migrant care workers continue to face abuse, job loss, and years-long waits for responses to their PR applications,”

Julie Diesta of the Vancouver Committee for Domestic Workers and Caregivers Rights

Recently more than 400 organizations and thousands of people have joined Migrant Rights Network’s call. This is to assure permanent immigration status for all those who don’t have it till now. Click here for the website.

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