12 November World Pneumonia Day

World Pneumonia Day
⟶ World Pneumonia Day
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World Pneumonia Day, a day celebrated on 12 November every year. The day is marked to raise awareness about the life hacking disease Pneumonia. What does Pneumonia do to the lungs? Do we arrange a World Pneumonia Day campaign? Does Pneumonia still exist? Does Pneumonia make it hard to breathe? The answer to all these questions is here. To know the answer to this question, read the complete article and stay connected with us until the end.

World Pneumonia Day History

For the first time, World Pneumonia Day was organised in 2009 by Global Coalition against Child Pneumonia. Its purpose was to raise consciousness in people about the harmful effects of Pneumonia. Further, to highlight its negligence result in front of people. The general aim was to observe the basic goal “ Healthy Lungs For All”.

Then, it became the permanent International celebration day officially designated by United Nations from 2009 on now it’s going on. In the year when Pneumonia and Diarrhoea killed people, especially children, about 1.2 million children per year, this was the first year to celebrate it. After observing four years in 2013, both UN and UNICEF introduced a Global Action Plan for controlling and curing Pneumonia and Diarrhea. Global action plan made under Every breath counts

World Pneumonia Day Celebration

How can we celebrate World Pneumonia Day? Here is the answer to this question. We can observe this day by raising awareness, making posters, making pictures of attention, raising slogans, utilising social media, conducting campaigns, and helping people suffering from Pneumonia. Collect donations starting from yourself and from other people to help patients with Pneumonia. Because life will only exist if the oxygen is properly carried to the Lungs, so we can say breath will count but with oxygen, not without oxygen. The current Pandemic Covid-19 has made it a more serious condition.

World Pneumonia Day and Pneumonia Prevention

We can prevent Pneumonia by adopting preventive measures. These preventative measures are the Recognition of Pneumonia, Knowing the risk factors of Pneumonia, the symptoms of Pneumonia and much more.

  • By reducing exposure to indoor pollution
  • Immunisation or Vaccination
  • Awareness and Eduction
  • Adequate Nutrition
  • Improving house condition
  • Avoid smoking near Children
  • In every 13 minutes, someone dies from Pneumonia all around the World
  • Proper Hand-washing and Hygiene Hand Practices
  • Proper Respiratory Hygiene
  • Wear a mask when going out
  • Avoid contact from Pneumonia Patient
  • Exit smoking, whether it is Active or Passive

Pneumonia Risks Factors

Pneumonia is a complex condition of Corna; this is why the death rate is increased by 2020. We should understand first who is near the risk of Pneumonia.

  • Infants under the age of 2 years
  • Pregnant women
  • Those who are exposed to smoking
  • Adults above 65 years of age
  • Those people have weak immune systems due to HIV AIDS
  • The people who drink Alcohol
  • For people who are admitted to Hospitals and ventilation is necessary.
  • For people whose health condition, especially lung or Heart is problematic
  • People with Neurological Conditions

Be a Champion to Stop Pneumonia

For normal breathing, clean air is necessary to ensure life existence. Clean air reduces the risks of disease-causing agents. One of the goals is to celebrate this year World Pneumonia Day under climate change conferences. It is important to bring the climate community, clean air quality and health with every breath counts to control the killing disease on thi planet. Last but not least, medical oxygen should include in International coverage because of its hefty prices. Oxygen is a better medicine, but its reach is most vulnerable and poor, and prices are out of pockets.

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