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World no tobacco day
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Say No to Toacco, World no tobacco day is an international day celebrated on 31st May internationally. People encourage each other to quit the usage. Influencers, websites, schools, and colleges create awareness about the lethal effects of tobacco. They try to convince the people to come out of their addictive zone.

Tobacco is the major cause of lethal lung cancer. A disease that is chronic, acute, and fatal. Exposure to Carbon monoxide, nicotine, and other harmful chemicals of tobacco leads to the worst health conditions. Therefore, Lungs are vital. They regulate the oxygen provision mechanism in the human body.

A cigarette is the major cause of lung cancer. Smoking cigarettes or cigars not only cause lung cancer but also lead to coronary heart diseases. This may also lead to Asthma, Diabetes, Stroke, heart disease, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases.

Good News: Seoul’s smoking rate drops amid pandemic

Seoul, a Korean city, is happy to announce the low rate of smoking during the pandemic. As a result of the pandemic, people tried to ensure healthy means of living. Hence, the smoking rate dropped. The Metropolitan City government announced that the rate dropped to 15.5 % in 2020. It was 1.2%points down than the previous years.

Influence of tobacco consumption on covid19 mortality

Cigarette consumers are 50% more likely to develop severe coronavirus and die from it. Being more vulnerable to covid19, hence, can be fatal. This is because they already have lung-related issues. Whereas in corona, lungs are affected too. Hence, double the effect, greater the chances of fatality.

World no tobacco day | A message of love for you all!

On this World no tobacco day there is a message for all tobacco consumers from our side,

”What you inhale must be healthy. Your body needs pure air. It loves to breathe happily in a healthy environment. Stop loving tobacco; slowly and gradually, it will eat you up. It will destroy your life. The pain a cancer patient goes through is unimaginable. Love yourself and quit the usage today!”

In conclusion, we hope everyone reading this stops the use of tobacco. Love yourself and eat healthily. Avoid what’s damaging your body. Hence, refrain from such products and increase your lifespan to enjoy every bit of life.

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