16-October World Food Day

World Food Day
⟶ 16-October World Food Day-How to Participate Our Actions are Our Future
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16-October World Food Day is an international day celebrated to raise awareness about food, food production, food usage, food waste, and how many people have nourishing food to fill up their abdomen.

Additionally, It was officially designated as an international day by United Nations. Food Agriculture Organization is dealing with all of the perspectives about World Food Day. What are world food day statistics, objectives, food day facts? How are the proportions of world food and poverty? To know the answers to all these questions, stay here till the end of the topic.

World Food Day- Statistics

Undoubtedly, 40% of the world population cannot afford a healthy diet, more than 3 billion. Due to poor diet and inactive lifestyle, 2 billion people are overweight. Most employees are working in agri-food system which is 1 billion.

In addition, Smallholder farmers prepare 33% of the world’s food while facing challenges and a lack of resources. More than 20% of women are living in extreme poverty, while 18% are indigenous women.

Furthermore, more than 33% of greenhouse gas emits from the world’s food system, and this gas is anthropogenic. 17% of the world’s food is wasted while consuming. 14% is lost due to inadequate storage, handling, and harvesting.10% of people are affected by contaminated food.

World Food Day-Statistics
World Food Day-Statistics Statistical analysis

World Food Day- Objectives

According to United Nations’ calendar, Globally the World Food Day is one of the most celebrated international days. One of the main objectives of celebrating this day is to raise awareness for those suffering from hunger and the surety of a healthy diet.

World Food Day-Objectives
World Food Day- Objectives Grow, Nourish, Sustain Together

Moreover, it’s a time to build a future together for the present and coming generations. World Food Day calls for better production, preparation, and consumption. Sorrowly, how do we consume food? All our reactions are developing pressure on resources, also on climate as well as the environment. Along with this, food preparation takes a long time while just a few seconds to waste.

World Food Day- How to Participate?

Start planning to celebrate World Food Day, and raise your voice whether you are a government representative, NGO’s CSO’s, or non-profit organization member. The purpose of raising your voice is to avail all diet food. It can be any concert, press, lecture, ceremony, competition, or even at school, university or classroom.

Also, you can participate by appreciating food sector workers. You can also follow a sustainable healthy diet or food plan for action. You can also participate by adopting less food waste and buying locals and seasonal while conserving and protecting natural resources.

World Food Day and Poverty

One of the messages of world food day is to unite against hunger and poverty. The main focus is upon providing nutritious food and overcoming. The 17%, as mentioned earlier, of food is wasted during consumption, while 14% is wasted during harvesting.

Here, improving strategies should be adapted to tackle less waste. Government can help the food workers by providing them with modern tools and facilities. Human rights to food arising from legal obligations can be fulfilled by creating pressure on political leaders. Moreover, 50 % of the food is wasted in an affluent country, for example, the United States.

According to statistics, 690 million people are living in chronic hunger. In these days of pandemic covid-19, many people are at risk of poverty, approximately 850 million. To accommodate hunger and poverty, every person and from NGO’s, CSO’s, Non-profit organization whether they are a student or professional worker can play a role in this.

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