24-October World Development Information Day

24-October World Development Information Day
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Every year, on 24-October, World Development Information Day is celebrated by United Nations. It was officially designated in 1972 as the official day. Its establishment was designed to keep people attentive to the development goals and problems and strengthen their internal cooperation to solve them. To know interesting and fantastic information and the fun facts about the World Development Information Day, stay tuned till the end with us. So, let’s do it together.

World Development Information Day- Objectives

The celebration objective of World Information Day is to mobilize public information, to propagate their information for getting their attention. Furthermore, finding solutions to the problems surrounding them and promoting the efforts and international cooperation for the information development.

World Development Information Day- Observance

DayHoliday TypeWeekdayDateYear
World Development Information DayUnited Nation ObservanceMon24 October2016
WDIDUnited Nation ObservanceTue24 October2017
WDIDUnited Nation ObservanceWed24 October2018
WDIDUnited Nation ObservanceThu24 October2019
WDIDUnited Nation ObservanceSat24 October2020
WDIDUnited Nation ObservanceSun24 October2021
WDIDUnited Nation ObservanceMon24 October2022
WDIDUnited Nation ObservanceTue24 October2023
WDIDUnited Nation ObservanceThu24 October2024
WDIDUnited Nation ObservanceFri24 October2025
WDIDUnited Nation ObservanceSat24 October2026

World Development Information Day- Goals

The information plays an essential role in solving any developmental issue. On this, we want to spread the news to tackle problems by finding their solutions. According to United Nations fun facts, 17 sustainable development goals help sustain our future and make earth the happiest planet. These are

Elimination of Poverty

Ending Hunger

Living Healthy Lives

Better Quality Education


Water Deficiency and Sanitation

Economic Growth

Infrastructure and Industrialization

Reduction of Inequality

Inclusive and Resilient Cities

Sustainable Production and Consumption of Food

Climate Change

Sustainability of Oceans, Seas and Marine Resources

Conservation of Terrestrial Ecosystems

Keep peace

Global Partnerships

World Development Information Day- Goals
World Development Information Day- Goals 17 Fun Facts

World Development Information Day- Activities

The leading end of this day is to propagate information and rally public opinion, especially among youthful people, to draw their attention and produce mindfulness of the problems girding development, promoting sweats in transnational cooperation for growth and development.

Work towards the sustainable development pretensions set by the united nations. Pick anyone and work towards a better and sustainable world. Initiate the great conditioning on this day by resolving which issue you shall work for and involves others to join. Use technology and social media platforms to produce mindfulness and affect the world towards achieving sustainable development pretensions.

Promote peace. Promote conditioning that will help in breeding peace and harmony in society. As the central ideal of the United Nations was to spread peace across the world. Help in involving freely in similar conditioning and help in promoting peace in day to day lives.

World Development Information Day- Activities
World Development Information Day- Activities

Conflict judgments chops have to be included as conditioning in day to day life to help us handle feelings. Learning to manage stress and conflict is veritably important to promote peace and harmony. Hence exercise and training can be conducted on addressing the emotional and internal well-being of people.

Take part in philanthropic causes—volunteer for charity workshops. Fundraise for Charity. Conduct checks and find out the people in need of essential requirements of livelihood. Conduct Humanitarian drives and involve numerous to work together for this cause.

Working towards a sustainable terrain is also one of the significant objectives of the United Nations. Involving in environmental conditioning will also help in carrying this ideal. Mindfulness sessions can be conducted online, and people can be made apprehensive of the significance of guarding the terrain.

Developmental Challenges- Solutions

The developmental issues and challenges can be solved by utilizing the potential information and communication technology source, especially in the case of Globalization. It can nourish economic growth, poverty eradication, access to information, access to knowledge, Competency.

Additionally, it is a fact that information technology and communication technology helps in addressing the issues—those issues which developing countries face in adapting the resources, infrastructure, connectivity and education.

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