All we need to know about World AIDS Day 01 December

All we need to know about World AIDS Day 01 December
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World AIDS Day, December 01, is a day commemorated on December 01, with the key objective of raising awareness about HIV AIDS. It’s the 32nd anniversary of Worlds AIDS Day. What is World AIDS Day? Why do we celebrate World AIDS Day? Why is World AIDS Day important? When was World AIDS Day celebrated for the first time, and where? If you are curious about the answers to these questions, then be ready, tuned, and stay connected till the end with us.

World AIDS Day Why is it important?

Every year it is celebrated on December 01, an opportunity for the community to unite against HIV AIDS to remember those who have lost to disease and support those diagnosed with the disease. Furthermore, it’s about raising awareness and teaching the public about the casual agents, spreads, symptoms, and treatments. It is a day that is still a reminder that we still need to fight against HIV AIDS.

World AIDS Day Why is it important
World AIDS Day Why is it important

World AIDS Day Background

World AIDS Day origin was in 1988 on December 01. The first time celebrated Aids day focuses on raising awareness, especially in Children and Youth, on the impact of AIDS on families, not just a group stigmatized in any transmitting assault. UNAIDS, in 1996, took their operation for campaign purpose, based on education and prevention of AIDS.

The World AIDS campaign, for the first time, registered in 2004 as an independent non-profit organization located in Netherland. In 2018, it was celebrated with the theme “ Know Your Status” to diagnose the World’s 90% HIV population by 2030.

Themes For World AIDS Day

1988Inaugural Event
1989Our World-Our Lives
1990Women and AIDS
1991Sharing the challenge
1992Community Commitment
1993Time to Act
1994AIDS and the Family
1995Shared Right-Shared Responsibilities
1996One World-One Hope
1997Children Living with AIDS
1998World AIDS campaign with young People
1999World AIDS Campaign with Young People and Children
2000AIDS: Men make a difference
2001I care, Do you?
2002Stigma and Discrimination: Live and let Live
2003Stigma and Discrimination: Live and let Live
2004Have you herded me today?
2005Stop AIDS-Keep Promise
2007Leadership, Take Lead
2008Leadership, Lead, Empower, Deliver
2009Universal Access and Human Rights
2010Universal Access and Human Rights
2011Getting to Zero: Zero New HIV Infection
2012Getting to Zero: Zero New HIV Infection
2013Getting to Zero: Zero New HIV Infection
2014Getting to Zero: Zero New HIV Infection
2015Getting to Zero: Zero New HIV Infection
2016Access Equality Rights Now
2017Increasing the Impact
2018Know Your Status
2019Ending HIV/AIDS Epidemics
202Ending HIV/AIDS Epidemics
Themes For World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day Fact Sheet

World AIDS Day Fact Sheet
World AIDS Day Fact Sheet

HIV Stats Globally

  • In 2020, people living with HIV = 37.7 million
  • Infected Newly with HIV =1.5 million
  • Deaths and AIDS related illness=680,000
  • Since the start of epidemics new infected people= 79.3 million
  • Since the start of epidemics the people died from AIDS related illnes= 36.3 million

Those people who are living with HIV

  • Adults = 36 million
  • Children = 1.7 million
  • Women and girls are 53% of the people living with HIV
  • In 2020, those people whose status is HIV Positive are 84%
  • 1n 2020, they people who did not even know that theyare living with HIV = 6.1 million

New Infections of HIV

  • In 1997, 3 million people were infected while in 2020 there were 1.5 million HIV Infections, reduced 52% now.
  • In 2020, new infection accounted = 50% of women and girls

Deaths related to AIDS

  • In 2020, the people who have been died from the HIV related illness 680,000 as compared to previous death record in 2003 and 2004.

HIV and Covid-19

  • People living with HIV face more severe conditions during Covid-19 as compared to those who are not living with HIV, furthermore people living with HIV have no access to Covid- 19 Vaccination.
  • The restrictions and Covid-19 lockdown has steeply reduced the treatment and referals by 41%, testing for HIV has been reduced by 37% incluuding asian and african countries.

Risk factor of HIV for Key Populations

  • People injecting drugs = 35 times higher
  • Transgender women = 34 times higher
  • Gay womemen = 24 times higher

Key Message

We still face an AIDS emergency; if we do not take the needed measures, we will face a pandemic of COVID and transformations of HIV, resulting in millions of deaths. If we want to eliminate HIV until 2030, we still need to take preventive measures and unite action. We need to apply these preventive measures everywhere in the World.

  • People cnetered Infrastructure and Community lead
  • Equal access to medicine or vaccine and health technologies
  • Human Rights
  • Exploring essential workers and proving them all resources they need
  • A databas to highlight Inequalities
  • End Ineqalities, End Pandemics, End AIDS.

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