Woman Harassed in Rickshaw | Another Video Emerges!

Woman harassed in Rickshaw in Lahore
⟶ Woman harassed in Rickshaw in Lahore
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Lahore: As soon as the event of 14th August passed away, a number of harassment cases came forward. Starting from the Minar-e-Pakistan incident many videos of men harassing women emerged in the last few days. Recently, hundreds of people witnessed a scene in which a woman was harassed in a rickshaw! Yes, you read that right. It was a very busy road with vehicles moving at a snail’s pace when this vulgar act took place.

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Woman Harassed in Rickshaw | Increasing Harassment Cases in Lahore!

The Minar-e-Pakistan incident had disturbed a lot of women. All the females were asking for justice and another harassment case emerged! This time it seems even worse than other videos. In the video one can clearly see two women along with a child, sitting in the back of a Rickshaw.

The road appears to be very busy and from social media clips, people mentioned that the city is Lahore. In the video, women look extremely disturbed due to the continuous leering and catcalling by a couple of motorcyclists surrounding them.

The women were peacefully sitting as soon as a man rushed towards them. He jumped towards the rickshaw and harassed one of the ladies. Both of them screamed but nobody took notice. Her companion also took off her slipper and threatened the motorcyclists. On the contrary, the woman who was harassed wanted to get out of the rickshaw but her companion stopped her from doing so. It was an extremely shameful act as the majority of the passersby were recording the incident. They were also passing derogatory remarks at the victim.

Followed by the harassment, the motorcyclists surrounding the rickshaw started shouting and catcalling. The video shows Pakistani flags on cars and bikes which indicates that it was Independence Day. However, the video went viral yesterday. A number of people condemned the heinous act and urged the government to arrest the harasser.

Action of the Police!

Punjab IG Police Inam Ghani seriously took an action against the woman being harassed in a rickshaw. Moreover, he also ordered the CCPO to submit a report of the incident and identify the harasser through safety cameras. Punjab Minister for Prisons also mentioned that the culprits will soon be arrested as they’ve registered cases against 10-12 motorcyclists. They mentioned in a tweet saying that,

It has been 24 hours since the people are outraged on Twitter. Further, females also mentioned that despite wearing a Burqa, men harass them. Hence, the debate is out of clothes now. The people urged the government to take strict actions against such harassers.

A number of tweets came in support of women after the new incident of woman being harassed in a rickshaw!
A number of tweets came in support of women after the new incident of women being harassed in a rickshaw!

Harassment Cases at Surge! | Why?

Back in July, a person murdered Noor Mukaddam. Her case is still going on in court. Before Noor, Qurat-ul-ain, mother of four was killed by her husband. Women from all over Pakistan had not yet healed from both of these incidents when around 400 men harassed a TikToker. As soon as the video went viral, a number of women came in her support. However, investigations were going on about this incident and the harassment in the rickshaw took place. Hence, one by one videos kept emerging and intensifying women’s rage.

Since the last few days, people in particular women have been urging the government to curb the rise in sexual crimes. The above-mentioned cases have already outraged Pakistani women. The misogynistic mindset needs to end now. As a nation, it is our responsibility to stand against such vile acts. Despite recording, helping out the victims can make things better.

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