Update: Panjshir Resistance in New Islamic Afghanistan State

Update: Panjshir resistance in the new Islamic state of Afghanistan
⟶ Panjshir is showing resistance against Taliban forces.
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Taliban has taken over a large portion of Afghanistan. NaeTaze kept you updated on every district the Taliban captured. There are still some districts left. Out of all the area that is left, Taliban have not captured Panjshir province as well. It is one of the smallest provinces of Afghanistan. But it is not easy for the Taliban to capture this province. Why? Because Panjshir is not submitting. It has decided to fight back. Panjshir resistance has become the headline of the day. Also, Panjshir province is considered to be extremely difficult to conquer. Soviets could not do it and it is impossible for the Taliban as well. With the announcement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, how Taliban will react to this situation.? Why Panjshir is thought to be hard to conquer unlike rest of the Afghanistan? Read the unbelievable details.

Panjshir Resistance:

Panjshir is about 65 kilometers away from Kabul and is on the northern side. There are mountains in the province which serve as a natural fortress. Panjshir Province is now the stronghold against the Taliban. Taliban conquered almost every district of Afghanistan easily. However, Panjshir is showing a fight and does not want to end up with the Taliban without showing any fight.

Panjshir has also shown great valor during the soviet Attack. USSR could not capture this province. After the defeat of the USSR, the Taliban started to capture districts in Afghanistan in the 90s. Panjshir fought the Taliban at that time as well. It is now again becoming a battlefield.

Two important personalities are leading this resistance against the Taliban.

Vice President Amrullah Saleh and Massoud. Massoud is an Anti-Taliban leader. His father Ahmad has also fought with the Taliban in the 90s. People call him the “Lion of Panjshir.” After 2001, Panjshir Valley mujahideen were supported by the USA to fight the Taliban.

Now, the footage is circulating on the media that Ahmad Massoud is gearing up to launch a guerrilla movement against the Taliban from Panjshir.

Moreover, Saleh proclaimed himself to be the acting President of Afghanistan after Ashraf Ghani fled from Kabul. He said as Ashraf Ghani has left Afghanistan, he is now acting as President of Afghanistan according to the constitution.

How World is Reacting to Panjshir Resistance:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Anti-Taliban forces are gathering in Panjshir where a strong movement against the Taliban is about to launch. Lavrov stressed the importance of talks with every faction in Afghanistan and the introduction of a representative government with everyone contributing to governmental affairs.

It is highly unlikely that any Afghanistan neighbor would support any Anti-Taliban movement. China, Russia, and Pakistan have also indicated to form formal relations with the new Afghan government.

Tajikistan Ambassador Zahir Aghbar said the Taliban has not taken over Afghanistan. Only Ashraf Ghani has left Afghanistan after settlement with the Taliban. The media is giving coverage that the Taliban has conquered the whole of Afghanistan., But that’s not true. There are still some districts left. Panjshir is one of them. Taliban attempt to take over Panjshir will lead to bloodshed.

As pressure is on the Taliban to remain peaceful, they may offer Panjshir leadership to form the government with them.

But what kind of government it will be? Only time will tell. Moreover, the Taliban is also holding talks with former President Hamid Karzai. Taliban is keen on reaching a political settlement so that they can also obtain international legitimacy from the USA and other countries.

A source has also claimed that the Panjshir leadership is also preparing the plan for possible negotiations with the Taliban.

Resistance from Panjshir will complicate the Taliban’s government. When Kabul fell, Panjshirs took helicopters and army vehicles to their province. Several Afghan special forces commanders have also gathered in Panjshir to fight against the Taliban. So, bloodshed is inevitable if a fight occurs.

Taliban Announced the Creation of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on 102nd Afghan Independence Day:

Taliban ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. After 9/11, the US invaded Afghanistan and toppled the Taliban government. Now, history is repeating again but this time, there is a change in the Taliban’s behavior.

Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid tweeted that we declare the formation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on the 102nd independence day from the British.

Furthermore, the Taliban announced that they would run the country through council. Taliban leader Haibatullah Akhundzada will be the in-charge of the new government.

Haibatullah Akhundzada has three deputies. Sirajuddin Haqqani, leader of the Haqqani network, Mullah Yaqoob, son of Mullah Omar, and Abdul Ghani Baradar, who heads the Taliban’s political office in Doha.

Taliban spokesman further said the political system will be according to Shariah. Everyone will have rights including women within the rules of Shariah.

There is a change in the Taliban’s behavior. Taliban have announced amnesty to everyone including political rivals. They have said that they would show tolerance. Furthermore, the Taliban spokesperson said they would reach out to Afghan soldiers to come back on their army ranks. He is in touch with few pilots so that they could return.

Taliban announced the creation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on their 102nd independence day. But the independence day did not go as plan. Protests happened in different parts of the country against the Taliban takeover. Taliban opened fire in Asadabad when people were on the streets celebrating Afghanistan Independence day. This killed two people. Moreover, in Jalalabad, two people are injured after the Taliban opened fire at them. The media is reporting that they were waving Afghanistan Flags. Such news won’t be good for the already bad image of the Taliban. If they want international approval, such incidents won’t be going to help in attaining it.

Bottom Line:

All-inclusive, Panjshir resistance will be the focus of the west. If any power wants to control the Taliban, they will definitely choose Panjshir. People are strongly against the Taliban there. It is highly unlikely that the Taliban would be looking for any extreme bloodshed. Experts are predicting that there is a possibility that both parties will negotiate and govern the newly created Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan together. No matter what happens, NaeTaze will keep you updated. Keep visiting us and stay in touch with the latest updates.

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