Update: Instagram reels duration extended to 60 seconds

Update: Instagram reel extended to 60 seconds
⟶ Instagram reels duration extended from 30 to 60 seconds
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BIG NEWS for Social Media fans! Instagram on Twitter made an important announcement on 27 July. In a tweet, Instagram wrote that Instagram reels duration extended from 30 to 60 seconds. This update is a part of Instagram’s ambition to make the social media platform more interesting and safer. The Facebook-owned social media platform is trying its very best to compete with TikTok and YouTube shorts. Stick with NaeTaze as we explain the new update.

The Reason why Instagram reels duration extended in a New Update :

Before the update, the Instagram reel duration was 30 seconds. One minute duration is better for Instagrammers as they can post about cooking, storytelling, and plenty more things.

On Twitter, Instagram posted:

Instagram reel’s biggest competitor Tiktok has also expressed its plans to increase the video’s length. TikTok allows one minute clip. The App has announced to increase the video limit to three minutes. The motive behind this is that now TikTokers can do storytelling in an improved and better way. Users can now make videos for up to three minutes which will also allow them to do brand endorsing and make short clips to portray their talents such as cooking, comedy, etc.

YouTube has also a feature just like that called “YouTube Shorts.” Short-duration clips under 45 seconds fall under this category. YouTube shorts has become another source of income for YouTubers. Not only that, but they can also send important messages to their subscribers with this feature.

Why 60 second Instagram reels are not working:

There are many users where you still can’t make 60-second reels. It is not Instagram’s fault. The user has to update the app to enjoy this feature. Without updating, users will only get 30 seconds. So, the solution to this problem is updating the social media app.

Instagram new update 2021 will allow its users to make 1 minute reels
Instagram new update 2021 will allow its users to make 1-minute reels

The social media platform is also doing its best to make itself safe for minors. Instagram is pushing teens under the age of 16 to make their accounts private. By doing so, unknown persons cannot see their pictures and also cannot message them.

There were reports that teens were being harassed by unknown persons via messages. Pedophiles are using this way to harass them. Now, Instagram is continuously giving teens notifications to change the account settings from Public to Private. However, it will impact the famous stars as they cannot interact with their fans. That is why Instagram is just giving them options via a notification whether they want to make their account private or not. Instagram cannot force any decision. It is up to teens whether they want to change the setting or not.

The Bottom Line- New Updates in Instagram is surely going to make the social media platform more interesting and safe. Instagram reels duration extension will allow itself to compete with other apps like TikTok and YouTube Shorts. The new update is also a positive step in protecting teens from abusers and pedophiles. If it remains unsafe and undesirable, it can devalue the brand. So, this update is the right step for both the company and its users.

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