12 Rabi ul Awal

12 Rabi ul Awal
⟶ 12 Rabi ul Awal Speech in English
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Best Speeches on 12 Rabi ul Awal in English

Rabi-ul-Awal is the third month of the Islamic Lunar calendar which holds great importance and significance in the lives of the Muslims. The month of Rabiulawal comes after the Safr-ul-Muzaffar and is also the significant month of the Islamic year.

12 Rabi ul Awal
12 Rabi ul Awal speech in English

The whole Muslim world knows this month Rabi-ul Awal as the month of the birth of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.). It is the month of celebration of the entire Muslim world, as ALLAH blessed the world with the best creation in this month.

In celebration of Rabi-ul-Awal, Muslims worldwide were urged to get together and arranged Mehfil-Naat and Mehfil-e-zikr for the whole week. The Prophethetphet MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.) is the last to be sent with the divine message for the guidance of humanity.

Unlike the ways followers of the other religions and faith commemorate the birth of their prophets. Muslims celebrate the Eid Milad un Nabi on 12 Rabi ul Awal, in which they gather to discuss the bounty and favor which ALLAH has blessed the Muslims with by guiding them to the righteous path of Islam, Holy Quran, and Sunnah of the final messenger of ALLAH.

12 Rabi ul Awal speech in English

12 Rabi ul Awal Best Speech
Best Speeches on12 Rabi ul Awal

Commencing with the sweetest name of Almighty ALLAH, who is the king of kings and Lord of lords and from whom we all seek protection. My Honourable guest, my Idealsitiic teacher, and my dear audience ASSALAM O ALAIKUM! Today is such a lovely gathering; I would like to elaborate on the Eid Milad un Nabi topic. As a poet said

روح مُصطفٰی جو دیکھا تو دیوں نے چلنا سیکھا

یہ کرم ہے مُصطفٰی کا شبِ غم نے ڈھلنا سیکھا

یہ زمیں رُ کی ہوئ تھی یہ فلک تھما ہوا تھا

چلے جو میرے آقا تو جہاں نے چلنا سیکھا

Another poet said:

نگاہ عشق و مستی میں وہی اول وہی آخر

وہی قرآں وہی فرقاں وہی یسین وہی طحہ

Respected audience, ALLAH has made this world for nothing but with the huge goal to split and understand the people and this goal. ALLAH has sent about one lakh and twenty-four thousand prophets at various times. Hazrat MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.) is the best and chief Prophet among all. However, he was born in 571. A.D.

His father Abdullah was died before his birth and left his mother, Amina, at the age of six. He was primarily raised by his uncle Abu Talib. When He was A child, he was very different from the other children. He used to be very merciful and pleased to everybody. He never ruined anybody.

He was very kind and merciful and so honest and truthful. That’s why people called him Al-Amin and Al-Sadiq. The word Al-Amin means “Honest,” and Al-Sadiq means “Truthful.” In those days, the Arabs did not worship One truth ALLAH, but they worshiped the Gods and Godness.

There is to drink wine, quarrel with each other, and killed each other. That is the reason that ALLAH chooses the Holy Prophet MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) to show them the right way, to show be the right path, to show them how to live in this world. And that is the reason that ALLAH has said Hazrat MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) is mercy to people.

When the Holy Prophet was 40 years old, ALLAH sent him the message to show them the righteous way, when he said to the people that worship one truth ALLAH and don’t worship the Gods made up of Idols. So many people were annoyed, and they were so angry with the Prophet (S.AW).

They made him leave Makkah, and he went to the hills to live with his uncle. After some days, he comes again to Makkah to preach to the people and show them the right way. After that, Holy Prophet MUHAMMAD(S.A.W) stood for 23 years as a Prophet for his life and a leader of Islam and the Quran.

Our universities have felt to prove the doctors, Philosophers, and engineers, where is the reason behind that, the reason behind that is nobody is following his Sunnah of Hazrat MUHAMMAD(S.A.W). If we begin to follow his Sunnah, nobody will fail; everybody will be successful. In countries, Pakistan will be a developed country.

Respected Audience, ALLAH said to his Prophet, to show the people the right way. After all, the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) has left two things between us, and one is Quran and Sunnah. And if anybody follows that, he will never fail, and he will be successful.

Another poet said

مشکل تھے راستے آسان ہو گئے

دشمن یہ دیکھ کر حیران ہو گئے

رکھا میرے نبی نے اس دنیا میں قدم

پتھر بھی پڑھ کے کلمہ مسلمان ہو گئے

I would just like to end my speech with this quotation, a poet said

“ The life is full of joy and peace; I would like to live with joy and peace, where my soul is fit to fly and all touch to the sky where there is no weapon invented, and where, there is no fear to die, where there is always spring, and where there is no tear in the eye, and where there is no one is sad or lonely. Where a poor is a deal as a king, Where the Sunnat of Holy Prophet is Followed”. I know it seems to you foolish, but there is no harm to try.

Thank You Very much for your special attention.

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