Turkey is burning | Blazing fires in turkey, many lives are at risk

Fire blazed in districts of turkey.
⟶ Fire blazed in districts of turkey.
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For the past two days, large fires have erupted in Turkey. More than ten cities are blown up with blazes. Turkey is on fire, and the flames are out of control in many locations. People and animals are dying, houses, communities, and farms burned. But what is the cause of the massive fire and why is the administration unable to put it out? Read on to learn more.

The cause of the fire in Turkey, suspects are PKK activists

On July 28, forest fires broke out in four distinct areas in Manavgat district at the same time. Subsequently that day, another fire broke out in the Akseki district. Late Thursday, Turkish people on the internet blamed the PKK terrorist group-linked “Children of Fire Initiative” for a series of recent wildfires in Turkey. PKK supporters also applauded the fires on Twitter.

The PKK has a long record of setting fire to Turkey’s forests as a form of “retribution” against the Turkish government. However, it only results in civilian casualties and environmental harm. The PKK-affiliated person claims that the environmental damage in Turkey’s western districts is an “act of retaliation.” According to the independence movement group of Kurdistan, they intend to pursue fire to additional forest spaces. Also, territories will be the target until the establishment of a “free Kurdistan.”

Large Cities and villages burning from fire in turkey

The disastrous fire occurred in Manavgat, a renowned tourist destination in the Antalya region. It erupted about midday on Wednesday at four distinct locations within the town. All of them are in between of woodlands. Flames did not catch the town center. but it did have an impact on the surrounding communities. More than a hundred other people forcefully left the towns, received medical care. They also had their property damaged as a consequence of the fire. Ten kilometers northeast of Manavgat, an 82-year-old man was discovered deceased. Also, ten people misplace at the nearby dam.

More than 1,000 farm animals died. Moreover, 1,500 acres of farming land and 120 acres of agricultural glasshouses were destroyed in Manavgat. Rescue troops are on their route to the lost people and for many people have injuries. In Marmaris, which is a resort city of Antalya, another fire flew up. Although it is far smaller than the Manavgat fire, it raised distress due to the congested nature of the area. Flames were all over the hotel-filled region.

A dog burnt from fire (left), a cat getting treatment of injury after getting burned from wildfire (right)
A dog burnt from fire (left), a cat getting treatment of injury after getting burned from wildfire (right)

Fire in other regions of turkey

Bodrum is another vacation city where fire blew up. The region is more popular for vacation. This area is highly significant as it connects the Mugla province and Mila district. Kozan region also had no exception as the fire engulfed it as well. Kazan is district of Adana and in Wednesday it was again under the fire. Until the next day, firefighter teams were busy battling with fire. Still, seven villages of this district were under flames. The administration had to remove people from there.

There is a long list of 11 regions and districts that were affected by the incidence. Mersin, Aydıncık, and Bozyazı towns are also in the list. In those towns, flames sparked in pine forests. Silifke district was another area that blew up with high flame and smoke. Due to the fire, administrators had to close the roads between Mersin and Antalya to avoid more destruction.

Injuries and deaths caused by fire

Manavgat was the one that suffered the highest destruction and most injuries. Due to the fire, the administration evacuated eighteen villages. 62 people are injured and hospitalized in that region. They have suffered from burns and smoke inhalation. Also, three citizens of the region lost their lives due to fire. 112 got injuries however many had minor ones but 58 people are still in the hospital. Recently the reports have announced the statistics about the injury of 50 more people.

 A women taking first aid in front of her burnt house
A women taking first aid in front of her burnt house

Turkish government reaction on fire

The nature of fire is suspicious as it sparked in 4 different places at the same time. The same timing of wildfire in different areas indicating a conspiracy behind it. The communication director of turkey, Altun said that they are doing investigations to find out the cause. He further announced on Twitter:

“Those responsible will be accountable for the attacks on our nature and forests as soon as possible.”


Government authorities are doing their best to save the people and to put off the fire. However, due to the spreading of fire in large areas, it is difficult to control it immediately. Although independence and autonomy is the right of everyone. But killing innocent people and ruining the forests is not the solution. On the other hand, accountability is not the way to solve the issue. The long-lasting movement of Kurd independence should come to a positive end.

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