Tulsa Massacre | Biden to meet the survivors after 100 years

Tulsa Massacre
⟶ Tulsa riot - 1921
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White supremacy and racial discrimination have always questioned the identity of black people. Yet, living in the 21st-century, people still can’t get over racial violence. Tulsa Massacre is an act of terrorism. Even after a century of the attack, it’s indelible.

A brief history of the racial violence in 1921

Reason-On May 31, 1921, Dick Rowland was a 19-year old Black shoe shiner, he fell in an elevator, and his hand accidentally touched the shoulder of Sarah Page, a 17-year-old operator (white). Rowland ran away as Page screamed.

This news became the talk of the town the next day. Things escalated when a newspaper wrote about the happenings on the front page with a title that said, “Nab Negro for Attacking Girl In Elevator,” This triggered the riots. People still believe that the newspaper played its role in secrecy in triggering the riots.

Tulsa Massacre -On 1st June 1932, history went through the bloodiest race mass murder in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Around 300 people were killed when white mobs attacked and destroyed the 35 square blocks of the flourishing black community in the USA.

Black Wall Street- the Greenwood district of Tulsa was a center of Africa-American business. The white mobs burnt down Black Wall Street to ashes in 1921. The bombing left more than 5000 people homeless. Whereas more than a hundred were injured too.

President Joe Biden to meet the survivors of the Tulsa Massacre

Joe Biden, the President, visited the survivors on the 100th anniversary of the worst racial massacre. However, only three survivors remain. They are between the ages of 101-107. Nevertheless, Biden pledged to the survivors and honored the legacy of Black Wall Street.

A soil dedication ceremony also took place. It was dedicated to the victims of white supremacies. Survivors also took part in it. Hence, 1st June was declared as the day of remembrance.

White supremacy in the USA

The violence never stopped; even after the 1932 incident, the USA has always seen racial discrimination. Extremist groups still have a hold over the black community. Even in the 21st century, they still value race and caste.

However, people are working socially against this white supremacy culture. Unfortunately, they are still unable to eradicate racism. Every community must respect the black community. They should never become a victim of the white extremism.

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