Shocking: Eating High-fat foods and heart failure connection

The Shocking Truth: Link between eating foods rich in Fats and the heart failure
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When was the last time you ate something after considering how it will impact your heart? You won’t even remember the answer. Ever wondered eating High-fat foods and heart failure has any connection? No? Tragically, you are not alone. The vast majority likewise eat without caring how these factors are linked.

There is both a direct and indirect link between eating fatty foods and heart disease. Directly, fats in the arteries cause blockage and don’t allow blood to smoothly pass. Indirectly, fats cause High blood pressure and diabetes which lead to heart failure.

Obesity due to high-fat foods and Heart Failure is linked.
Obesity due to high-fat foods linked to heart failure

Why there is a correlation between eating Unhealthy foods and heart failure:

Obesity is a condition in which a person has excessive body fat. This condition has a direct link with eating heart disease and fatty food.

Fat-rich foods consumption cause a rise in cholesterol level. This narrows artery which leads to low blood flow. As blood carries oxygen, less blood intake causes chest pain. Complete blockage of arteries causes cardiac arrest.

Similarly, High cholesterol level also causes high blood pressure. High blood pressure is also a cardiac arrest reason as the heart requires more force to move blood around. Other organs like the brain or kidneys, when receiving blood with high pressure, can get damaged.

Moreover, Obesity also causes diabetes. American Heart Association reported that 68 percent of old people who have diabetes also have heart problems. Diabetes causes a rise in chances of death by cardiac arrest.

High-fat foods can cause Diabetes which leads to heart failure
High-fat foods can cause Diabetes which leads to heart failure

Why “Relation between eating high-fat foods and heart diseases” has now become a serious heart health topic?

The rise in the trend of eating fast foods has exacerbated health problems. Now there are fast food stands and restaurants in almost every block. Fast food selling companies are now billion dollars industries. They carry worldwide advertisements for fast foods. Thus, people now prefer fast foods over healthy foods. That’s why the “consumption of fast foods and heart failure” topic is gaining importance worldwide.

But, Is every fat bad or just fat present in fast food is bad?

Every fat is not bad. Proper levels of unsaturated fat are beneficial. Omega-3 is unsaturated fat that decreases bad cholesterol levels, maintains blood pressure at a normal level, and reduces clotting. American Heart Association has recommended eating fish rich in Omega-3 at least twice a week for better heart health.

Everyone needs fats to carry out daily routine work. It provides the necessary energy to do work. So, don’t completely ignore them. However, foods rich in Bad fats decrease good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood and increase bad cholesterol (LDL).

What is the solution to these unwanted fats and heart diseases problem?

1) Gradually start swapping unhealthy food items for healthier ones.

2) Start reading food labels. Check the fat quantity on the box and avoid such items.

3) Exercise daily. When the body is in movement, it burns calories. Thus, it is an important step to reduce fat.

4) Have a balanced diet. Low levels of saturated fats, sugar, salt should be included. Moreover, vegetables, grains, and foods rich in fiber should become part and parcel of diet. Even if there is meat for dinner, have salad and one or two apple slices.


It is now clear that there is a link between eating high-fat foods and heart failure. Unwanted fats cause obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even cardiac arrest. But not every fat is bad. Saturated fats are necessary to carry out daily work functions. To prevent heart failure, one must start doing exercise, and gradually swap unhealthy food with healthy ones. Failure to do this will only make things worse. The best time to do this is NOW!

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