The link between Black Fungus and Covid-19: Know the details!

The link between Black fungus and Covid-19: Read the shocking details
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Have you heard about the rumors of a possible link between Black Fungus and Covid-19? Do you want to confirm whether the rumors are true or not? Then you don’t have to look any further. Your cursor has brought you to the perfect article.

Black fungus is a rare fungal disease that affects Nose, Lungs, Eyes, and even the brain. It is also known as Mucormycosis. The world is talking about this disease now. Why? Recently, India has seen a significant rise in Black Fungus disease. After checking the medical history of patients, most of them were Coronavirus Patients or still have coronavirus. Thus, rumors are now spreading fast that there is a link between Mucormycosis and coronavirus. To some extent, scientists think these rumors are true. Shocked to read this? Read the full article to know the depth of truth.

How there is a link between Black Fungus (Mucormycosis) and Covid-19?

Over 9000 cases of rare infection have occurred in India. It was present before covid times, but now it is different. Now we are witnessing many cases daily in India and there could be a link between the two.

Medical experts think the Steroids used to treat corona patients could be a reason for the link. These steroids suppress the immune response, making it ideal for the black fungus (Mucormycosis) to attack and infect the patient. Thus, Covid treatment drugs can prove to be one of many reasons for Black fungus spread.

Some experts believe that this fungus is active more in India as the hygiene level is poor. The oxygen cylinders given to patients, the ventilators, bedsheets ad other pieces of equipment must be in poor hygiene. These poor hygiene surroundings can also be another reason for fungus spreading.

  • If the cases keep on rising, we might have to remove the word “rare” with Black Fungus disease.

A concerning observation was made that Black Fungus is now 70 times more during Covid times than pre-covid times. This makes the belief even stronger that there must be some link between both factors. You cannot take this disease lightly. If you are still taking it lightly, then check out the treatment of this disease.

What should a former covid-19 infected person do if Black Fungus enters the body?

That person should start the treatment with medicines. At the initial stage, Antifungal medicines are given. Amphotericin B is commonly given to these patients and doctors hope that fungal disease doesn’t go out of control. This medicine is expensive and has to be taken every day for six weeks. Starting to feel some fear? Calm down. Now is not the time to fear. That comes later!

What if Black Fungus disease goes out of control? Then we have to remove the infected body part. In most cases, Doctors have to perform surgery to remove an eye. Feeling a little more scared, aren’t you?

But wait, that’s not it. Sometimes, removing an eye isn’t enough. Removing a part of the skull or jaw also becomes necessary so that the disease doesn’t reach the brain. But the worst part of this disease is Dark Circles around the eyes. Kidding, it’s “death.”

How humans contract Black Fungus:

The mode of contraction of in this disease is different. Black fungus is caused by exposure to mold commonly known as mucor. This mold is commonly found in soil, manure, decaying vegetables and fruits, and even in Plants. In nature, it is Ubiquitous (Present everywhere). Thus, it is impossible for humans to avoid contracting Black fungus. According to Dr. Nair, Mucormycosis is present everywhere, from plants to soil and even in a healthy person mucous.

So, why are you safe and not those former covid-19 patients?

Understanding the connection between both diseases is very easy. The simple answer is you have strong immunity and those coronavirus infected have weak immunity. People who have weak immunity have high chances to get Black Fungus disease. Those who were covid patients had weak immunity. That is why they were getting infected with this fungal disease. Stronger immunity in a body can easily fight off this disease. Therefore, your chances to get infected with mucormycosis are low.

There is a stark difference between the mortality rate of both diseases. Black Fungus’ Mortality rate is 50 percent. This means one out of two patients is at the risk of death. The covid-19 mortality rate is around 2 percent.

Other Symptoms of Black Fungus disease:

Mucormycosis other symptoms include:

1) Fever

2) Vomiting

3) Abdominal pain

4) Redness around eyes and nose

5) Coughing

If you feel a combination of these symptoms, immediately go to the hospital and get yourself examined.

How Mucormycosis impacts the body:

Mucor mold blocks blood flow. Therefore, blood does not reach the tissues causing them to die. Due to tissue death, skins start looking black. That is why this disease is called “Black” fungus.

If not stopped on time, the fungus may continue to grow and it could reach the brain. When this fungus reaches the brain, it is highly unlikely the infected person will survive.

What you should do to prevent it?

More or less, precautions are the same.

1) Clean your surroundings.

2) Normalizer sugar level in blood.

3) Start exercising and eat healthy foods for better immunity.

4) If you feel any symptoms, immediately contact your doctor.

5) Take your part in stopping the rumors about this disease.

Some Statements of relief:

1) Black Fungus is not contagious. Like coronavirus or other viruses, it cannot be infected from a person to person. So, there is no need for isolation of the infected person.

2) If you have strong immunity and you are a healthy person, chances are you won’t get infected at all. Your white blood cells will fight off any foreign agent. So, take some time off and thank your white blood cells for not allowing these diseases to affect your health.

3) Deaths from Black fungus are reportedly high in previous patients of cancer, covid, and diabetes. (If you have diabetes, we apologize for putting this statement in the relief section). Black Fungus likes uncontrolled sugar. Do something to normalize your sugar level in the blood.

All-inclusive, Black fungus is a rare yet deadly infection that is rising in India. Rumors are there is a link between Black fungus and covid-19. To some extent, this is true as there is definitely an Indirect link if not direct. Weak immunity due to covid-19, steroids immunity-suppressing action, and unhygienic hospital surroundings have caused an alert of “fungal epidemic” in some Indian states. Prevention, Timely diagnosis, and Proper treatment are the only ways to protect yourself. Stay healthy and stay safe!

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