Taliban Celebrates as USA Withdrew Last Soldiers from Airport

Taliban Celebrates as USA Withdrew Last Soldiers from Airport
⟶ The Taliban is celebrating the complete withdrawal of US troops.
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The Afghan war is finally over. The biggest aftermath of 9/11 ended on 30 August. Now, Afghan soil is officially free from US troops. The USA Withdrew Last Soldiers from Kabul Airport after 20 years in Afghanistan. After 9/11, the NATO troops attacked Afghanistan and toppled the Taliban government on the ground that the Taliban regime was protecting Al-Qaeda.

US stated that Afghan soil is being used as a launchpad to attack the US. After that, a bloodbath happened. Thousands of Taliban and innocent Afghans got killed. NATO troops also died in this war. But now, the war is over and the Taliban are celebrating. Read what is happening in Afghanistan, Stick till the end!

USA Withdrew Last Soldiers before Deadline | Celebrations from the Taliban:

Taliban militants are celebrating as US complete withdrawal has occurred one day before the deadline. On 30 August, the US army left Afghan soil. Now, there is not a single US soldier in Afghanistan. The USA spent 20 years in Afghanistan. These twenty years are riddled with many failures. On top of that, the frantic exit made the US image even worse.

The Taliban has taken over almost every part of Afghanistan after the US announcement and then complete withdrawal.
The Taliban has taken over almost every part of Afghanistan after the US withdrawal.

In this war, 2500 US troops died, and trillions of dollars have been invested. 240,000 Afghans also died in these 20 years due to this war.

Celebratory gunfire was shot by the Taliban in happiness. The Taliban have taken control of the Kabul airport after the US troops left it.

An image is circulating on social media that showed US troops leaving at midnight. They got on C-17 aircraft and left the capital ending the 20 year-long war. Major General Chris Donahue, who is a commander of the 82nd Airborne Division, is the last soldier to get out of Afghanistan and complete the withdrawal.


Reuters shared the last moments before the flight took off. Hundreds of Thousands are still left in Afghanistan who wanted to travel abroad.

Anthony Blinken feared that there may be still some Americans left in Afghanistan. What will be their fate? Only time will tell!

Situation of Kabul Airport: Taliban are now controlling Hamid Karzai Airport:

After the US troops’ withdrawal, the Taliban have taken control of Hamid Karzai Airport, Kabul.

On that occasion, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said,

“It is a historic occasion. We are proud that we liberated our country from great power.”

America and Europe evacuated 123,000 from Kabul to protect them from the Taliban in the last few weeks. The majority of them left via evacuation flights from Kabul. Hundreds of thousands are still in Afghanistan, US Diplomat Ross Wilson was also there in the last evacuation flight C-17. President Joe Biden gave the deadline of 31 August for complete US withdrawal. One minute before 12 am Kabul time, the US withdrew the last soldiers.

The situation of Kabul airport is still critical. There are threats of terrorist attacks nearby that airport.

Last week, fake news was circulating on media that some unidentified men hijacked a plane from Kabul airport and flew it towards Iran.

On 26 August, ISIS-K bombed near the airport. It killed 13 US servicemen and more than 100 Afghans. The intelligence of more attacks is there. Taliban spokesperson has assured that after the US complete withdrawal, there won’t be many attacks by ISIS.

West has declared the Taliban as the main reason for rising of ISIS. They claimed that the Taliban released ISIS prisoners from jail which has deteriorated the security situation in Afghanistan.

Bottom Line:

All in all, yesterday’s news that the USA withdrew the last soldiers stationed at Kabul airport is a big one for the region. The Taliban are claiming that they will uphold human rights and will not allow any terrorist network to operate from Afghanistan. Pakistan, China, Tajikistan, and Iran could become a target of terrorist networks operating from Afghanistan. What does the future hold? We will have to wait and see. Till then, keep visiting NaeTaze for the latest updates and news.

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