Superbug fungus outbreak in the US | More worries for America

Superbug fungus outbreak in the US- More worries for Americans
⟶ The fungus, Candida Auris, is a dangerous fungus that can also cause death. It is a form of Yeast. It is considered dangerous to hospitals and nursing home patients with a serious medical conditions.
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If you are from the USA, then You could be thinking it is probably not the best time to live here. America is facing several potential outbreaks that can cause medical emergencies and chaos in the country. Don’t Worry, apart from Superbug, We will also tell the top 3 outbreaks about to hit the USA later in the Article. But the focus of this article is a new possible outbreak. The latest possible outbreak right now is in the US is the Superbug fungus outbreak. What is it? Is it really untreatable? And what are the States affected by it? Read this Article to know whether your State is in it or not.

Fungus outbreak in the US: What does CDC have to say?

A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) details the outbreaks of Fungus Candida Auris in 2 US cities: Washington DC, and Texas. These are the two regions that are on alert related to a potential outbreak.

While the fungus Candida Auris is not new in the USA, reports are emerging that it is spreading from person to person now. Its transmission was not reported before. According to CDC, this is the first time this resistant fungus is seemed to be getting infections from each other. Thus, a patient is not only infected but also a carrier. This has made the matter precarious!

US Health Officials issued a statement that they now have evidence of an untreatable fungus spreading in a nursing home and Two hospitals. Thus, people living near those areas should follow extra precaution measures.

What is Superbug Fungus- Candida Auris?

The fungus, Candida Auris, is a dangerous fungus that can also cause death. It is a form of Yeast and is considered dangerous to old, weak, and already ill persons.

The fungus, Candida Auris, is a dangerous fungus and is a form of Yeast.
The fungus, Candida Auris, is a dangerous fungus and is a form of Yeast.

When it reaches the bloodstream, heart, or even brain, it is more deadly. Moreover, It is drug-resistant so it cannot be treated.

In 2019, It was reported in the USA but was not transmissible from one person to another. Now it is transmissible and health experts are worried!

Who is at Risk during fungus outbreak in the US?

According to CDC, These people are more at risk of getting infected and possible death

  • Those who already have medical problems
  • People who require frequent or prolonged visits to the hospital
  • Those who recovered from cancer
  • Individuals who have weak immunity

A person with weak immunity cannot fight diseases. Any bacteria, virus, or fungus can infect him and can lead to death. Therefore, a Person with such immunity or poor medical history should do extra precautions. It is rightly believed that prevention can take away all your worries about health. So, precautions must be adopted to save yourself from possible death.

In the case of Superbug, it is untreatable and prevention is the only way to save yourself. No Antibiotic or other medicine can give an infected person relief. So, if you are near the possible endemic area, do the extra care of yourself and your loved ones.

The possible outbreaks that can cause havoc in the USA at any time:

The USA is facing various dangerous diseases and many of them have the potential to be an outbreak. If any disease reaches the level of an outbreak, thousands will die. So, follow precautions issued by CDC and WHO.

At this moment, the USA is dealing with:

And now add Superbug fungus to this list as well. All of these have the potential to cause medical chaos in the US. So, if you own a medical insurance company in the USA, it is perhaps not the best time to be there. And if you own a hospital, it is probably the best time to live in America. We suggest you take such matters seriously and avoid going out and making unnecessary contact with other people. Only by following guidelines, you can remain safe and sound.

The Bottom Line:

CDC is alerting about a possible Superbug fungus outbreak in the US. Several cases have been reported in Texas and Washington DC. It was also reported before in 2019. But now, for the first time, it is transferring from one person to another. If people in affected areas don’t follow the precautions, it can potentially cause the deaths of thousands. The main cause of concern is that it is untreatable. As of yet, there is no medicine to cure this. So, let’s hope the spread stops here and we hear no more fungus cases. What do you think about the USA facing all these potential outbreak threats? Comment your views in the comment section!

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