Stop Food Waste Day 2022 | Aims of the Event

Stop Food Waste Day 2022 | Aims of the Event
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Stop Food Waste Day is an international day to fight against one of the serious and growing problems: Food Waste. Food Waste is not only an individual’s or a nation’s problem, but it’s a global growing issue. Approximately ⅓ of the annually produced food is either lost or wasted throughout the world. Food Waste has become a severe and devastating issue because of the lack of awareness regarding food production, harvest, and management. The majority of the people don’t know how to effectively produce and conserve food.

Various food services, corporations, influencers, food technologists, scientists, and food companies work together to spread awareness regarding Stop Food Waste Day. They research and provide awareness about the critical Food Waste problem that the whole world is facing. Future generations will ultimately face severe food waste issues if we don’t stop food waste. There are various ways to reduce food waste i.e cook only required food, use leftover food to prepare the next meal, and give your leftover meal to the hungry ones instead of throwing it. Stay connected with this post to read the Stop Food Waste Day History, Objectives, and Ideas to stop food waste.

Stop Food Waste Day History

Atop Food Waste Day was firstly celebrated by Compass Group, one of the world’s largest food service companies serving restaurants, cafes, hospitals, schools, etc. Compass Group committed to reducing food waste by 25% by the year 2020. The Compass Group donates food in North America on a daily basis. This group also provides 250,000 pounds of meals to the local banks annually. Annually 45% of root crops, fruit, and vegetables are being wasted globally. This is alarming food waste. We all are not paying attention to the world’s biggest and most devastating problem.

Stop Food Waste Day Aims

The main objectives of Stop Food Waste Day are to educate people about their habits of wasting food without any regret. This day also aims to develop impactful awareness on how to germinate, grow, harvest/ purchase, and use food. There’s a possibility to feed 795 million hungry people in the world by reducing 25% of food waste globally. Stop Food Waste Day is committed to reducing the percentage of food waste.

The day also provides education to change the way leftovers are being used by people. The objective to celebrate Stop Food Waste Day is to provide the simplest recipes to best use leftovers and prepare fresh meals. Instead of throwing the leftovers, donate them to the hungry ones or use them to cook a new dish for your next meal.

Do You Know?

♦ Globally, approximately 14% of food is lost during harvest and selling. Substantial quantities are also ruined at the transportation and consumption level.

♦ An estimated 17% of total global food output is wasted (11% in households, 5% in the food service, and 2% in retail).

♦ Food that is lost and wasted testimonies for 38% of total energy mode in the entire food system.

Stop Food Waste Day Activities

Learn simple recipes to use leftovers

Stop Food Waste Day

Start the innovation from yourself instead of having meaningless discussions about the issue. Just go to your kitchen, and use leftover food to prepare a fresh plate for your next meal. Don’t throw away the accessory food. Change your habit to throw the leftovers by donating them to needy people.

Avoid Buying Extra Groceries

To avoid buying extra food ingredients and packed food, you must make a list of your groceries. Think twice before buying any additional banquet for your kitchen. A filled fridge may look appealing but it may lead to food waste if you don’t eat all of the purchased or prepared food. So, buy less to avoid food waste.

Freeze the Leftovers

Stop Food Waste Day

Freezing the nutriment can help conserve them for later consumption. It also prevents the food from spoiling. Many fresh fruits and vegetables can be frozen by preserving them in the fridge for later use. Moreover, freezing the herbs, fruits, and vegetables can reduce the need to buy them when they are out of season. It will not only provide you the out of season fruits and vegetables but also lowers your food budget.

Try out Food Preservation Methods

Food Preservation

If someone buys too much of the particular vegetables, fruits, or herbs, pickling and canning can be helpful to avoid them spoiling. Practice some pickling and canning methods to alter the extra banquets into new food. Prepare pickles from vegetables, and cook applesauce from apples. Don’t waste your food in any way.

Spread Awareness

Try to schedule conferences, and cooking shows, share food remedies and educate people about the benefits of saving food. It’s not one person’s or one nation’s problem, the whole world is facing a serious and gigantic crisis of Food Waste which is increasing by higher ratio day by day. So, do your responsibility to Stop Food Waste by spreading this message among the public.

Stop Food Waste Day Events

Various websites, companies, NGOs, and institutions conduct Stop Food Waste Day Events each year to highlight the importance of food. The main purpose of the events is to spread awareness regarding food waste and simple recipes to best use leftovers for the next meal. Stop Food Waste Day Events may be on spot gatherings or in the form of virtual meetings. This year many companies are conducting stop food waste day events to promote donation as well as freezing ways to save food. Here we go for such types of events.

Event by Food Mesh

Food Mesh hosted a virtual cooking class with local acclaimed chef Theresa Contois of Cedar Feast House Catering, to mark the Stop Food Waste Day. Chef Theresa Contois prepared a traditional French dish, using only leftover food. By attending this will surely learn about cooking fresh meals with leftover food. This event highlighted the tips for reducing food waste. You might also ask your questions from the chef.

Date: April 27, 2022

Time: 10:00 – 11:00 am

Event by StopWaste

The Stop Food Waste Action Project is conducted by the StopWaste organization. The objective of the project is to encourage the students to explore the connections between wasted food and climate change. This event also highlights how to adopt the best ways and tips to reduce food waste at home. Stop Food Waste Action Project offers a roadmap for the activities and suggestions for individuals, families, or students to learn ways to Stop Food Waste.

Event by University of Arkansas

The Food on the Hill conducted a joyful event on Stop Food Waste Day on April 27, 2022, at Fulbright Dining Hall. The virtual session demonstrated the ways to save the food scraps for the next meal preparation instead of throwing them out. Food on The Hill is the partner with Razorback Food Recovery and the Volunteer Action Committee to ‘scrape the plate’ and pledge to stop food waste. By attending the session, you might be able to learn the recipes to prepare plant-based meals, build your mini bouquet, decorate your pot, and enjoy your meal.

Date: April 27, 2022

Time: 10:30 a.m. – 2 p.m

Event by Black Sun

Black Sun has partnered with Compass Group to develop the campaign in order to develop awareness about Food Waste. The objective of the black sun is to empower people to help them learn the ways to reduce the amount of food being wasted every day. There is a need for wide-range multi-channel communications and best sustainability practices to reduce food waste. So, attend the Black Sun stop food waste day event to learn the basic information.

Event by TRiFOCAL

TRiFOCAL funded the stop food waste event which is an EU LIFE-funded project aiming to reduce food waste. TRiFOCAL aims to increase the recycling of leftover foods and encourage healthy sustainable eating. WRAP is the lead of the TRiFOCAL organization. This event enables you to learn the basic steps: how to tackle the food waste challenges and how to implement the quick & easiest steps to stop food waste.

Event by Compass Group

Compass Group’s mission is to create a significant, meaningful, and positive impact on the environment by sharing important information. Being Canada’s largest food service provider, Compass Group’s responsibility is to be a catalyst for global food waste. The purpose of the focused food waste strategies by Compass Group is to reduce food waste. It committed to reducing food waste by 50% by 2030.

Stop Food Waste Day Quotes

“There are nearly a billion undernourished people in the world– but all of them could be fed with just a fraction of the food that rich countries currently throw away.”

~ Tristram Stuart

“While weight loss is important, what’s more, important is the quality of food you put in your body – food is information that quickly changes your metabolism and genes.”

~ Mark Hyman

“I would think that conserving our natural resources should be a conservative position: not to waste food, and not to throw away a lot of the food that we buy.”

~ Tim Ryan

“The Italian kitchen has traditionally been one where very little is wasted. Every part of an animal is used, every part of a vegetable and even leftover ingredients are used.”

~Chef Massimo Bottura

“There is absolutely no substitute for the best. Good food cannot be made of inferior ingredients masked with high flavor. It is true thrift to use the best ingredients available and to waste nothing.”

~James Beard

Stop Food Waste Day is being celebrated annually all around the world. Don’t forget to share your valuable thoughts regarding Stop Food Waste Activities & Events. You may also share your recipes to reduce food waste. Keep visiting the NaeTaze website for upcoming events.

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