Top Trending Netflix Series Squid Game Breaks All Viewership Records

The Squid Game
⟶ Win 45.6 billion or Die is a children's game paly
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The Korean drama cast “The Squid Game” basically consists of nine-part series. It emerged in September. It tells the story of a group of misfits taking part in a children’s playground game. Furthermore, there is a 45.6 billion Koreanwining prize to seize, which is not too bad to hear, while you will be killed if you lose. It has now become the biggest ever launch series on Netflix.

Generally, people think about Korea as a flash country containing many wealthy people, but this drama also highlights the other impact of society for struggling with money and poverty. Absolutely, in the past month, oxford dictionary had added 26 Korean words about Korean origin to its latest edition to ride, “crest of the Korean wave.

Why is The Squid game so famous?

Somehow, similar to the hunger games or battle royals movies, this series focuses on a group of Korean people. Firstly they are tricked into playing a deadly tournament in children’s gameplay. It was realized to participate in a tournament for winning money with only one chance to survive.

In addition, there is a Korean fan saying that intense acting and character keep you connected. The show’s central character is a female named Seong Gi-hun, a loveable addict while facing the loss of his daughter. The drama also provides a good impression of Korea.

Moreover, other Korean drama toches and highlights the different issues such as economy, politics, while the squid game also has an indirect approach. Currently, the squid game is the most-seen series on Netflix overall in 90 countries, including Ireland. The dystopian series derives its name from the Korean children’s game.

In the Korean children’s game, The Squid Game, an attacking team tries to pass through the squid shape drawn on the ground. The squid’s head is touched by the foot to win the game.

Famous Scene of Squid Game
Famous Scene of Squid Game top-rated Netflix Series

10 Reasons To See The Squid Game

Ten reasons to see it:

1. Ranked # 1 among Netflix’s most popular shows in 90 countries.

2. An insane plot initially conceptualized in 2008 but rejected several times, eventually becoming a worldwide phenomenon, is enough to stir up anybody’s curiosity.

3. Brilliant multitasker Hwang Dong-Hyuk was both writer and director, so nothing was “lost in translation,” enabling the storyline to be directly translated into actions and emotions just as the storyteller had intended them.

4. Superb acting all around, from the lead characters to the supporting cast, even the cameo roles. It did not matter whether they were seasoned actors or rookies, superstars or not so well-known. Their acting talents were all at par. Their competencies were at the same level. And just how impressive were they?

Well, for one, Ho Yeon Jung, a first-time actress with a following of 400K on an Instagram pre-The Squid Game era, is currently the most followed Korean actress with 18.4 million followers and counting! If her acting were lackluster or lame, then these 18 million new fans of hers wouldn’t have clicked “Follow” on social media.

5. Captivating set design and enthralling art direction with minimal use of CGI for a more realistic and riveting effect.

6. Gruesome, grotesque and gory scenes are not my thing, but somehow the treatment of these scenes was done in a creatively tricky way, so they did not make me close my eyes, shudder in fear, and have nightmares at night.

7. Bizarre oxymoron with the most extreme contradictions. How can seemingly harmless children’s games be played with blatantly harmful results? How can an innocent-looking doll cause carnage or a whimsical playground transform into a bloodbath? Quite disturbing, nonetheless, impactful.

8. Genius musical score using familiar classical music to tone down the shock factor. Instead of hearing suspenseful tones to warn that something dreadful is about to happen, you hear soothingly nostalgic melodies such as “Fly Me To The Moon.” Weird, but somehow it worked brilliantly.

9. Not annoyingly commercialized with no glaring product placements nor subliminal endorsements. Even the actors’ screen time was not exploitative. Those in the superstar level like Gong Yoo and Lee Byung Hun had minimum exposure, while neophytes Ho Yeon Jung and Anupam Tripathi were highly visible. The creators did not have to rely on A-listers to gain widespread popularity heavily.

10. Despite it being a purely Korean presentation, there were ironically no communication and cultural barriers that brought about its global appeal. It vividly showcased how human frailties and imperfections bear no nationality.

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