Spyware case | India is involved in Hacking Imran Khan’s Phone

Is India involved in hacking PM Imran Khan Phone
⟶ Pegasus Spyware scandal: Is India involved in hacking PM Imran Khan Phone
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A new Scandal related to cybersecurity has emerged. The world is in shock when Media reported that Spyware has spied on more than 50,000 influential people in the world. Pegasus Spyware is an Israeli-approved malware that can literally view all of your cell phone-related activities such as calls, texts, cameras, and much more. This is completely against Privacy rules and ethics.

This new scandal has brought chaos among media giants, politicians, journalists, human rights activists, and Military men who could be victims of this. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan was also no exception. According to the report, India is involved in Hacking Imran Khan’s Phone. What is the real matter and why International Media is not letting it go? Stick with us as we explain.

Pegasus Spyware Issue | Modern day hacking Scandal:

Governments buy this Israeli-approved Spy program to fight terrorism and crime by spying on these bad people. But now its unethical use by these governments is talk of the town. 17 Media organizations investigated the spyware cybercrime scandal and published the report on 18 July. “The Washington Post”, “The Guardian”, “Le Monde”, and other news outlets collectively reported the Pegasus spyware scandal. All of them collaborated on an investigation into a data leak. However, the report does not include whether the surveillance attempt was successful or not.

According to Alan Woodward, A cybersecurity professor at the University of Surrey in the UK, Pegasus Malware is one of the most capable remote access tools there is. He further stated that spyware sneak is like giving your cell phone in someone else’s hand.

Is India involved in Hacking Imran Khan’s Phone?

Pegasus spyware is in media since 2016 due to hacking allegations. Recently, it was also in the news that it has found a way to hack Apple’s devices.

According to a report, India is among many countries using an Israeli company’s spyware to hack smartphones belonging to Modi’s rivals. These include journalists, some government officials, human rights activists, Politicians especially Rahul Gandhi, and most importantly the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. One number once used by Prime Minister Imran Khan was on that India’s list of affected persons.

According to a joint 17 Media report including US Agency The Guardian, India is involved in Hacking Imran Khan's Phone along with Rahul Gandhi and other politicians.
According to a joint 17 Media report including US Agency The Guardian, India is involved in Hacking Imran Khan’s Phone along with Rahul Gandhi and other politicians.

India’s Response to Spyware Hacking Allegations:

India has denied allegations related to Pegasus spyware. The Indian government has issued a statement that allegations have no concrete basis.

Indian Investigative news website “The Wire” reported that, In India, the hacking of at least 300 mobile phone numbers happened including Modi’s rival in Politics Rahul Gandhi, journalists, scientists, and Human rights activists.

Of these 300 people, more than 40 are Indian Journalists from major Publications. The Publications include Hindustan Times, The Hindu, and Indian Express.

In 2019, India faced similar allegations regarding spying. India denied hacking allegations at that time as well.

Pakistan’s response to Spyware Hacking scandal:

Pakistan has decided to raise this hacking issue of PM Imran Khan’s cell phone calls by India on “all relevant forums.”

Information Minister Fawad Chaudhary told the media that we are waiting for full details. After analyzing the details, Pakistan will surely raise this issue on all forums. Earlier in a tweet, Fawad Chaudhary has denounced the Unethical policies of Modi.

Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari has also called out the Indian government in a tweet:

According to this list, more than 1000 affected persons from hacking are from India. Moreover, more than 100 persons are from Pakistan which also includes Imran Khan. So, it is also a matter of national security for Pakistan.

The Bottom Line- 17 International Media Giants together investigated the hacking matter and what they found was shocking. India used an Israeli-approved Spy program to hack political rivals’ cellphones. India has denied all the allegations of hacking. Pakistan is waiting for a full detailed report related to this matter. Whether India is involved in Hacking Imran Khan’s Phone or not, one thing is sure that it will cause political turmoil in the region. What do you think About this Cybersecurity scandal involving Israel and India? Comment Your opinions!

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