Shocking: US blames Pakistan for Afghan peace deterioration

afghan peace deterioration
⟶ Afghan peace deterioration
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The last 24 hours have been like a war on Twitter. The hashtag “Blame Game on Pakistan” is trending like fire. The Pakistani nation is all enraged as the world puts blame on Pakistan for Afghan peace deterioration. The Pentagon mentioned that the “terrorist safe heavens” in Pakistan are the roots of insecurity leading to instability in Afghanistan.

Years have passed but the Afghan-Taliban conflict isn’t solved. International politics have played a vital role in putting the blame on Pakistan. However, Pakistan thinks that India and Afghanistan are using politics to show that Pakistan supports the Taliban. Whereas in reality Pakistan only supports peace in the Afghan region.

#BlamegameonPakistan trends on Twitter.
#BlamegameonPakistan trends on Twitter in response to Afghan peace deterioration.

Pakistan also advised the international community to look into the matter of Afghan peace. It advised them to settle the matters with proper negotiations despite blaming Pakistan for the escalating problematic conditions there. Moreover, the Taliban community has swiftly taken control across Afghanistan, occupying six provincial capitals within the last three days. In contrast, after a twenty years period, the international forces are near a complete withdrawal from the region.

US blames Pakistan for “terrorist safe heavens” near Afghan border

On Monday, Washington during a press briefing called out the “terrorist safe heavens” in Pakistan as a reason for Afghanistan’s critical circumstances. Further, it also mentioned that closure of such region is important as it not only affects Afghan peace but Pakistani people also fall victim to terrorism. Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby said that,

“We all have a shared sense of the importance of closing down those safe havens and not allowing them to be used by the Taliban or other terrorist networks to sow discord.” “We’re also mindful that Pakistan and the Pakistani people also fall victim to terrorist activities that emanate from that same region,” he remarked.

Further, he made remarks about the Afghan Air force. He told that Afghanistan has enough resources that it can easily fight the Taliban. He mentioned that the US was helping Afghanistan in other ways. Moreover, he explained that Afghans have over 300,000 soldiers along with police and a modern Air Force. In contrast, the Taliban don’t own an Air Force. Hence, Afghanistan has many benefits that the Taliban don’t have, he explained.

When he was asked about India’s role in the Afghan peace process, he told that India has played a “Constructive Role.” He also mentioned that India has made training and other infrastructure improvements there. He also clarified that Afghanistan will use the given advantages and exert that leadership. He said that it will come from both political and military sides.

What does Pakistan want for Afghanistan? Is it responsible for Afghan peace deterioration?

Foreign Minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi while referring to the resources invested by other countries particularly the US said at a news conference,

“The capacity-building, the training, the equipment … where is it?”

He further mentioned that nobody can consider Pakistan responsible for the failure of others. Moreover, Pakistan has denied all the allegations of supporting the Taliban. Its only objective is the maintenance of Afghan peace be it anyway. Moreover, Pakistan supports a political settlement in the region.

“Issues of governance and the meltdown of Afghan national defence forces need to be looked into,”

Pakistan is against the ongoing terrorism in Afghanistan. Pakistani citizens are asking the US to stop making Pakistan a scapegoat for their own failures. The current Afghan forces have nearly failed to combat the Taliban. Further, the results of Intra-Afghan negotiations totally depend on their own leadership. Pakistan has no role in that. Moreover, Pakistan has only one concern with Afghanistan and that is “PEACE.” Hence, no one can hold Pakistan responsible for Afghan Peace deterioration.

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