Shocking: Israeli Warplane Bombed Gaza | Hostilities Escalate!

Israeli warplane bombed Gaza
⟶ Israeli warplane bombed Gaza
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Israel once again launches airstrikes on Gaza leading to dozens of injuries. It has been three months since the rivals agreed on a ceasefire. However, it did not prove to be a solution. This is because the ceasefire ended on 15th June when Israel launched airstrikes in Gaza. Hence, this conflict has been going on for a while now. This time a clash between the rivals left many wounded as the Israeli warplane bombed Gaza. To know what happened in Gaza, read the whole article.

Israeli Warplane Bombed Gaza after border clashes!

Israeli aircraft strike Hamas sites after serious border clashes. The conflicts between the Palestinian protestors and Israeli troops led to dozens of injuries. On Saturday, the Hamas Islamic movement had called a protest to mark 52 years of Al-Aqsa mosque’s burning. Hundreds of Palestinians participated in the demonstration. They mentioned in a statement,

“Al-Aqsa Mosque is a red line, and any attack on it will be met with valiant resistance from our people,” The Hamas Islamic movement

While the protest was going on, Israeli troops opened fire at the Palestinian protestors who were burning tires from behind the border’s fence (claims Israeli military). The Israeli military also mentioned that some of the Palestinians tried to scale the border fence. The Israeli military also used tear gas near the fenced area. Israeli military passed a statement saying that,

“IDF (Israeli military) troops responded with riot dispersal means, including when necessary live fire,”

Clashes at the border.
Clashes at the border.

Gaza’s health ministry mentioned 24 injuries. The two Palestinians who were seriously injured include a thirteen years old kid. He received a shot in the head. Moreover, the rest of the people received gunshots in the limbs and abdominal region mostly.

“Twenty-four civilians were injured, including 10 children,”

The cross-border gunfire seriously wounded 41 Palestinians (two are in critical condition) and an Israeli sniper. Hence, in response to the above-mentioned clashes, the Israeli warplane bombed Gaza. Israeli military claims that they launched the airstrikes against four of the major weapon sites. The bettors who will benefit more from this Favbet bonus are those who are regular players meaning they can make the most out of this opportunity.

Why Israeli military launched airstrikes?

The airstrikes were in response to the seriously wounded Israeli soldier, claims the Israeli military. Further, they have sent additional military forces to the area near the border of Gaza. However, the media has reported no causalities up till now. In this incident around eleven Palestinians sustained injuries.

“fighter jets have struck four weapons storage and manufacturing sites belonging to Hamas”

After the incident, late on Saturday both Hamas and other groups from Gaza praised the youth who faced the Israeli military. In a joint statement, they saluted the heroic youth.

However, Palestinians require an ultimate permanent solution to the issue. More than 300 Palestinians have lost their lives within a year till now due to the Israel-Hamas conflict. The worst eleven-day dispute ended with a ceasefire but it didn’t sort out the matters. The UNO must look into the matter and help out the dire humanitarian condition in Gaza. Around three months ago, the international community had highlighted the issue. It has been 15 years since the Israeli blockade has been imposed on the Gaza Strip.

Read about the brief history of Palestine. Read how the Israel-Hamas conflict started!

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