Shocking: French President Emmanuel Macron got Slapped.

French President Emanuel Macron got slapped hard on the left side of face during a walkabout.
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On an Official visit to South East of France, a small crowd saw French President Emmanuel Macron got slapped hard on the left side of the face. President Emmanuel Macron was visiting Drome where he approached the crowd. At this moment, a guy from the crowd pulled macron closer. The man shouted “Down for Macron-ism” and then slapped the president. Moreover, that guy further shouted “Montjoie Saint-Denis.” It was a battle cry during the Monarchy period. This News spread like a forest fire and everyone is talking about it.

The arrest of two men took place. One man slapped President and the other one was accompanying him. The identity of the Slapper and his companion is still unknown. There were 10 security guards with President at that time. The footage of the incident shows that 2 Security guys pushed down the slapper to the ground. While others moved Macron away from the slapper and his companion. After that, Macron briefly interacted with the crowd again and then left.

French President Emmanuel Macron got slapped hard in the face
French President Emmanuel Macron got slapped hard in the face

Reactions from Notable figures over Emanuel Macron getting Slapped:

Prime Minister of France Jean Castex while addressing the National Assembly termed the slap on Macron is attacking democracy. He further stressed the importance of debate and legitimate disagreement in a democracy. Assaulting a person is not good in a democracy.

On the other hand, leader Jean Luc tweeted in solidarity with President Emmanuel Macron.

Far-Right leader Le Pen stressed that whether you love democratic debates or not, there should never be violence.

Globally. messages of condemnation about the incident surfaced. No matter the disagreements, one should never use violence to prove their point.

Who is responsible for President Emanuel Macron’s Security?

GSPR is a group of special guards that protect the Presidents of France. It comprises 77 Men and women who protect the Presidents during their events. According to French Media, today there were only 10 guards with him.

President Emmanuel Macron got slapped hard during the walkabout might be the biggest news of today. The whole media is reporting the incident. Macron was under fire recently for compromising on the secular norms of the country. He could get some sort of sympathy and break from criticism after all due to this incident.

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