Shehroz Kashif Summit K2 | Youngest Pakistani Mountaineer

Shehroz Kashif Summit K2
⟶ Shehroz Kashif Summit K2
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Numerous personalities in Pakistan have made the country well-known in the world through their outstanding performances in different fields and made the Pakistani nation proud. Considered one of such personalities is Shehroz Kashif, the youngest Pakistani mountaineer who made the nation proud all over the world by climbing the second-highest peak in the world. Shehroz Kashif summit K2 at the age of nineteen which is a world record. Do you want to know how Shehroz Kashif made this journey to success? Well, read this full article to know the details.

The Broad Boy “Shehroz Kashif”

Shehroz Kashif is also known by the title of “The Broad Boy” for surmounting the Broad Peak (8047m). He started his climbing journey at the age of 11 years by ascending 3885m “Makra Peak”. And after that, he didn’t look back and continued his journey towards heights. At the age of 12, he took his passion to the next level by reaching the 4080m “Musa Ka Musalla” peak. He ascended 6050m “Manglik Sar Shimshal” peak at the age of 13. And 5585m “Gondogoro La K2 Base Camp” at 14; and “Khurdopin Pass” (5890m) at 15.

Thereafter, he scaled the “Broad Peak” (8047m) at 17. The Broad Peak is a mountain in the Koh-e-Karakoram Series at China-Pakistan Border. And this peak is the twelfth-highest mountain in the world at 8,047 meters (26,401 ft) above sea level.  And Shehroz has conquered it at the age of just 17 years which also earned him the title “The Broad Boy”.

Shehroz Kashif Summit K2 at the age of 19 years
Shehroz Kashif Summit K2

Khusar Gang-Alpine Style:

In the next year, he also accomplished the feat to scale “Khusar Gang-Alpine Style” (6050m). “Khusargang” is a 6050m peak located in the “Shigar Valley” of Baltistan. Although technically easy Khusargang is for mountaineers who have the experience of climbing as independent roped parties on snow and glaciers and at least have been on some smaller peaks passes of AD level. High altitude experience and an exorbitant physical condition as well as regular practice are handy to be on this expedition. It is shocking that Shehroz Kashif overcame the Khusargang when he was just 18 years old. And this thing speaks volumes about his passion and devotion in connection with climbing.

In May, he got a reward to be the youngest Pakistani to scale Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain. He now holds an additional record as the youngest person to have summitted the K2 and Everest.

Shehroz Kashif’s Journey to Summit K2

Shehroz Kashif is a Pakistani mountaineer. And he is also the youngest climber in the world to summit K2-the second highest peak in the world. Kashif’s interest in trekking developed at a young age after observing his father on an outdoor journey.

On 27th July 2021 at about 8:10 am at the age of 19, Shehroz Kashif summit K2 and made history as he became the world’s youngest climber to ever stand atop K2 (8611-metre), the world’s second-highest peak.

A lot of Pakistan’s youngest climbers have also been on K2 in recent days. Prior to Shehroz, Sajid Ali Sadpara was the youngest mountaineer. His climbing K2 at the age of 20, was part of an expedition there to find the body of his father, who went missing along with two other climbers in February.

Shehroz Kashif Summit K2 & ACP:

The Secretary Alpine Club of Pakistan (ACP) Karrar Haideri while talking to a news channel about the Shehroz Kashif summit K2 stated that

“This is a new world record. This is indeed an amazing achievement. He has made the whole nation proud”.

Secretary ACP

Haideri also deposed that on Tuesday, another Pakistani climber Muhammad Sharif also summited the peak along with Shehroz and soon after them, another Pakistani team from Hushe Mountaineering School led by Ali Durani and including Muhammad Hassan, Mushtaq Ahmad, and Yusuf Meeri also summited the peak and waved green flag there.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and many others tweeted on Shehroz’s success and congratulated him on his success.

Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted to appreciate Shehroz Kashif
Imran Khan’s tweet for Shehroz Kashif

Interview of Shehroz’s father Kashif Salman:

Shehroz’s father Kashif Salman in an interview to a news channel claimed that in fact, his son had achieved two world records. He has successfully scaled K2. He said that I feel proud to tell you that he has set not one but two world records. In a short period of three months, he has summited Mount Everest and K2, becoming the first teenager to do so. He further maintained that this is a proud moment for Pakistan. In May 2021; Shehroz became the youngest Pakistani to summit Mount Everest (8849-meter), the world’s tallest peak.

ChhangDawa Sherpa Congrats Shehroz Kashif for Summiting K2

In a post on Facebook, Nepalese mountaineer and the excursion supervisor of 7 summit treks, ChhangDawa Sherpa, congratulated Kashif for turning into the youngest Pakistani to climb Mount Everest.

“This morning Kashif effectively climbed the mt. Everest as part of seven summit treks — Everest expedition 2021,” he wrote.

ChhangDawa Sherpa

Shehroz’s Interview:

In a television interview, the young climber said that long before he reached his first summit, he turned fascinated by the idea of what turned into the pinnacle.

“Whatever I had imagined changed into now not there on the top. But, when I reached the pinnacle, I felt pleased that I have carried out something,” he said.

Shehroz Kashif

He also added,

 “The strongest thing in the world is the human mind, you cannot beat it. If your brain stops working at a higher altitude, that’s a big thing. You have to train yourself for those conditions,” Kashif went on to say while sharing his fitness routine and its importance in decision-making at heights. “Mountaineering doesn’t ask for compromise, mountaineering asks for sacrifice.”

Shehroz Kashif Youngest Pakistani Climber
Shehroz Kashif

Shehroz Kashif’s words show his enthusiasm. He has such a level of passion that became the cause of his success at an early age. Pakistan needs such enthusiasm as well as motivation in the young generation to move forward.

I conclude with the prayer that may Allah Almighty bless Pakistan with more courageous young men who continue to be a source of pride for Pakistan all over the world. Amen!

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