Shahzaib Khan Won Gold Medal at MMA GAMMA Tournament

Shahzaib Khan Won Gold Medal at MMA GAMMA Championship
⟶ Shahzaib Khan, Liaqat Ali, and Allah Gul Afridi has won medals for Pakistan.
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There is no shortage of talent in Pakistan. Pakistani athletes are making their names in the world of sports via their talents and skills. Last Month, Arshad Nadeem and Talha Talib emerged as new heroes for young minds who want to pursue sports in the future. Now, the news is coming that Shahzaib Khan has won the Gold medal in the Asian MMA Championship 2021.

In Kyrgyzstan, the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA) Asian MMA Championship 2021 was held. The tournament started on 24 August and ended on 30 August. For Pakistan, it was the first year of participation. So, it was a big occasion for Pakistan and Sports-lovers. In addition to Shahzaib, Two more Pakistanis have won medals. Who is Shahzaib Khan and what did he achieve? What are the names of other medalists? Don’t go anywhere, Read full details here!

Asian Mixed Martial Arts Championship 2021 | Shahzaib Khan won the only Gold Medal for Pakistan:

A few days ago, Shahzaib defeated Indian Suyash Jadhav in Semi-final to get a spot in the finals. Then, On top of that, the final fight proved to be a shocker for everyone. Shahzaib defeated Kyrgyz fighter in under a minute to secure the gold medal. That is why he got the attention of everyone in South Asia. Shahzaib belongs to Sindh Province. So, it is a special occasion for Sindhis as well. Furthermore, Mr. Imran Qasim trained him at Badsha WuShu Academy.

Not only that, but Pakistan also won silver and bronze medals in this Asian Mixed Martial Arts Championship 2021 tournament. The athletes are: Liaqat Ali from Balochistan secured a Silver medal and Allah Gul Afridi from KPK won the bronze medal. In addition to them, the other Pakistani athletes that participated were: Asim Khan and Shayan Amin. Shariq Ali was the manager and coach.

One source has quoted that PMMAF was planning to send a full batch of athletes but couldn’t due to funding issues.

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Pakistan Mixed Martial Arts Federation (PMMAF):

The President Pakistan Mixed Martial Arts Federation (PMMAF) Zulfiqar Ali extended his congratulations to the three medalists especially Shahzaib Khan. He further vowed that more participation will be done by Pakistanis in the future.

Moreover, Godfather of Pakistan MMA Bashir Ahmad congratulated young Shahzaib for his wonderful performance. He further said Pakistan has a rising star in him.

Kazakhstan dominated GAMMA with 14 gold medals, 8 silver, and 14 bronze. Moreover, Kyrgyzstan was the second on the table of medals. The country won 6 gold medals. After that, India got the third spot with four gold medals. Pakistan bagged only one gold medal in this tournament. Shahzaib Khan won the gold medal to put Pakistan on the gold medal-winning table chart. Moreover, funding issues are still hunting Pakistan Mixed Martial Arts Federation (PMMAF). A full batch was expected to go to Kyrgyzstan but could not due to budget issues. Still, those who went there performed exceptionally well. Let’s hope Pakistan wins more medals in the future and we give more stars to the world. Also, Do comment your opinion on Shahzaib Khan & co feat.

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