Sehat Insaf Card Program– 4 Easy Steps for Registration

Sehat Insaf Card Program– 4 Easy Steps for Registration
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Sehat Insaf Card Program has been extended by Prime Minister Imran Khan for the betterment of the Public of Pakistan. Qaumi Sehat Card/ Sehat Insaf Card is a Micro-Health Insurance initiative by the Government of Pakistan. All the citizens of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan Azad Kashmir, and Tharparkar (Sindh) have the access to avail this opportunity.

Sehat Insaf Card/ National Health Card Program is currently working under the Sehat Sahulat Program by the Government of Pakistan. The objective of this program is to facilitate millions of people belonging to low-income families. Now, everyone can get the best health services in various Public and Private Hospitals throughout the country without any financial expenses. Are you looking for the registration process for Sehat Insaf Card Program? Well, you should read this article till the end for detailed information.

Sehat Insaf Card Program

ProgramSehat Insaf Card Program
EligibilityAll Citizen of Pakistan
Eligible AreasAll Over Pakistan
CoverageTreatment Expenses
Launched byGovernment of Pakistan

Eligible Areas

It has been announced that a budget of nearly 440 Billion Rupees has been allocated for Sehat Insaf Card Program. PM Imran Khan announced that all eligible families in the province of Punjab would be allotted this card till March 2022. Following Areas of Pakistan have been National Health Card:

  • Punjab
  • Balochistan
  • Gilgit Baltistan
  • Azad Kashmir
  • Tharparkar (Sindh)
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Sehat Insaf Card Coverage

For Priority Disease Treatment National Health Card holders have been allotted Rs. 300,000 per family. While for Secondary Care Treatment, Sehat Insaf Card holders will receive Rs. 60,000. Moreover, further 60,000 will be allotted if required. Must visit Kamyab Jawan Program 2022 Free Courses, Batch–3 Registration. Sehat Insaf Card covers:

Priority Disease Treatment

  • Dialysis
  • Heart diseases
  • Burns and Accidents
  • Neurosurgical Procedures
  • Organ Failure Management
  • Chronic diseases like tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and C, HIV, Chronic Liver disease
  • Treatment for Cancer including Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radiotherapy

Secondary Care Treatment

  • All types of illnesses
  • All Surgical illnesses
  • Maternity Services including C-Section, and Normal Delivery

Additional Benefits

  • In additional benefits, patients can get transport services 3 times per year (up to Rs. 1000) per discharge from hospital.
  • If the person dies in the empanelled hospital his/her family will receive Rs. 10,000 as burial support.
Sehat Insaf Card Program
Sehat Insaf Card Program
Sehat Insaf Card Program
Sehat Insaf Card Program

Online Registration

All the candidates/ citizens of Pakistan are advised to visit the official website of PM Health Program OR State Health. Here are some easy steps to register for Sehat Insaf Card Program:

1.You can check your Sehat Insaf Card eligibility by sending your CNIC number to 8500 via SMS.

2. Also, you can download the Naya Pakistan Qaumi Sehat Card App and get registered for Qaumi Sehat Card.

3. After registration, you can get your Qaumi Sehat Card/ National Health Card from the Sehat Insaf Card distribution center of the respective district.


How to Use Sehat Insaf Card?

1.Once you’ve received your Sehat Insaf Card or Qaumi Sehat Card, you can avail the treatment services free-off cost.

2. You must bring your CNIC, Sehat Card, B-Form (in case your child’s treatment) while visiting the hospital.

3. In the hospital, visit the Sehat Sahulat Programme (SSP) to get your Sehat Sahulat Card verified.

4. You can get free off-cost treatment services in the hospital. Also, you should give your feedback at 0800-09009.

5. Moreover, the Sehat Sahulat Programme staff may inquire about your treatment experience. Must visit HEC 1000+ Coursera Online Courses, DLSEI Phase 2.

No doubt, Sehat Insaf Card under Sehat Sahulat Program is an outstanding initiative for the public by the Government of Pakistan. You can avail best treatment services free-off. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get registered for Qaumi Sehat Card Program and avail the treatment opportunities. Feel free to ask any question regarding the Sehat Insaf Card Program. Also, keep visiting the NaeTaze website for more updates.

General FAQs

How to get details for Sehat Insaf Card?

You should visit the official website of PM Health Program to get details.

How to check eligibility for National Health Card?

Check your Sehat Insaf Card eligibility by sending your CNIC number to 8500 via SMS.

How to verify Sehat Sahulat Card?

Visit the Sehat Sahulat Programme (SSP) in the relevant hospital for verification.

Contact SSP

If you’ve further queries or issues regarding the Sehat Insaf Card / National Health Card, you can contact Sehat Sahulat Program’s staff via:

Call: 0800-09009

Email: [email protected]

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