RSV outbreak: Another virus the World is concerned about.

RSV outbreak: Another virus whose cases are rising
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Troubles regarding virus outbreaks are not ending anytime soon World is dealing with various coronavirus variants right now. On top of this, there is another breaking news about emerging of another virus- Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). Respiratory Syncytial Virus or RSV is a flu-like virus that causes infections of the lungs and respiratory tract. Right now, this virus is trending and the media of New Zealand and the USA are highlighting it. Why? Because there is an RSV outbreak in New Zealand and USA is also on the verge to face a similar situation especially in the Southern part of the country according to CDC. Read what is this virus, how it transmits, and what are its preventions.

This virus is most common in children. However, this doesn’t mean that adults are immune to it. Adults also get this (sun-SISH-ul) virus.

RSV outbreak- Another another virus that is a cause of concern:

Cases of this virus are increasing rapidly. Last month, the USA was on red alert and now the bad news is coming from New Zealand. Mostly, children are affected in both countries. There are predictions that other countries will also be at risk.

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) outbreak Condition in the USA:

According to CNN, On 10 June, CDC issued a warning to doctors and other health care providers to be on alert for RSV surge. In the USA, Respiratory Syncytial Virus is spreading rapidly in the southern part of the country. This has the potential to spread to northern parts as well.

Respiratory Syncytial Virus Condition in New Zealand:

On the weekend of 10th July, New Zealand observed a 28 percent rise in RSV cases. A total of 688 patients are diagnosed with this virus. Doctors are expecting this number to get higher in the coming weeks.

RSV And coronavirus:

RSV and covid-19 are very similar in their symptoms, mode of transmission, and to some extent even prevention. That is why a person diagnosed with Respiratory Syncytial Virus thinks that he has coronavirus. Thus, you must go to a doctor and get yourself tested. Check out the details about the Respiratory Syncytial Virus to better understand how it is similar to covid-19.

Both RSV and covid-19 are very similar in their symptoms, mode of transmission, and to some extent even prevention.
RSV And Coronavirus- both have almost the same attributes.

Symptoms of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV):

There are two types of Symptoms: Earlier or Mild symptoms and severe symptoms. Moreover, symptoms in infants are slightly different.

Earlier symptoms:

Early symptoms include:
1) Dry cough

2) Fever

3) Sore throat

4) Headache

5) Runny Nose

Severe Symptoms:

These include:
1) High fever

2) Severe cough

3) Difficulty in breathing

Symptoms in Infants:

Symptoms in infants include:

1) Irritability

2) Fever

3) Rapid breathing

4) Severe Cough

Causes of RSV outbreak:

Like we witnessed in the coronavirus case, Any outbreak of virus occurs if people don’t adopt precautionary measures.

If people follow unhygienic trends, take the spread lightly, and spread rumors about the virus, then an outbreak is inevitable.

How Respiratory Syncytial Virus is transmitted?

It is easily transmitted due to these:

1) Respiratory Syncytial Virus spreads easily through the air. If someone with an RSV sneezes near you or your child, then the chances of getting infected are high.

2) By Direct contact. For instance, if you shake hands or high-five an infected person, then a virus can enter your body.

3) Using objects like the Towel of an infected person.

People more at risk:

People more at risk of getting severely infected are:
1) Infants

2) Children with heart diseases.

3) Older people

4) Adults who just recovered from cancer or are going through chemotherapy as such person has weak immunity.


RSV can be prevented if you do the following things:
1) Wash hands regularly.

2) Avoid going out unnecessary in the public

Stay home and save lives- a message you must remember during a coronavirus or RSV outbreak
Stay home and save lives- a message you must remember during a coronavirus or RSV outbreak

3) Don’t share your personal things like drinking glasses, towels, etc.

4) Wash the toys of your children. Children tend to take toys in their mouths. Thus, it is better to wash toys.

5) Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated positively impacts your body and improves metabolism.

6) Don’t give Aspirin to children if they contract Respiratory Syncytial Virus.


New covid-19 mutants are emerging and now World could witness an RSV outbreak. This disease is not deadly in adults and those who have stronger immunity. However, infants, older people, and those with weak immunity could get severely ill and even the possibility of death is there. Precautions are a must to curb its spread. Any virus is preventable only if You COMPLY.

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