Resident Evil village 8 launched. explore exciting things about it.

Resident Evil village 8 launched. explore exciting things about it.
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Resident Evil Village 8 released recently, offering its players fantastic addition in the sequence of this game. Capcom series has 25 years of game laughing history with 8 versions of the resident evil game. If you have previously played a few versions of this game, the recent launch will be an exciting addition for you. You will surely meet new characters and explore new stories in the recent resident evil 8 (village) launch.

Before you are deciding to buy the new version, read this article till the end. I am going to give you beneficial tips and tricks. Moreover, I will tell you about the new characters and what you can expect from the newly launched version.

Launching date.

The game is recently launched on 7 May 2021.

You can play it on the play station4, PS5, and Xbox. You can also play it on Series X, Xbox One, Steam, and Stadia.

PC requirements for Resident Evil Village 8.

If you want to play the recently launched version, you will at least require 8 GB RAM on your PC. Moreover, the CPU must be intel core i5-7500. You can also play it on AMD Ryzen 3 1200. As for the GPU, GTX 1050 Ti is required with 4GB VRAM. However, it is also playable on AMD Radeon RX 560 with 4GB VRAM.

The above requirements are the minimum needed to play the game. But if you want to have a good experience of this game without experiencing screen hanging, you should play it on a PC with the following features.

A PC with a 16Gb ram will be enough to play unstoppable. As for the CPU, it should be Intel Core i7-8700. It is also playable on AMD Ryzen 5 3600. If you are playing it on GPU, you will need Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070. Alternatively, you can play it on AMD Radeon RX 5700.


The game earned mostly positive feedback upon its initial release. Many people are praising the visual effects, gameplay, variety of enemies, and layout. People already love the storyline and great graphics, so that there were vast pre-orders of the game before its release.

what’s new?

Ether can run faster than before and can make a party attack. Villager has an updated granular system that can help Ethan to upgrade their traditional weapons. Duke is the new character you will find starting the game. He has weapon crafting plans and upgrades emos that that will help Ethan with his weapons.

You will find new places to explore as well. When you reach the castle, there will be new areas to get their access during exploration.

Resident evil 8, characters

lady alicina dimitrescu of resident evil village 8
Alicina Dimitrescu

Ethan Winters:The leading player of the game since the 7th version.

Chris Redfield: the very first Resident of the evil village. The former fighter present since the first series of this game.

Mia Winters:Ethan’s wife and a supporting character.

Salvatore Moreau: one of the lords who serves Miranda. Seems like a weird man always hiding away.

Donno Beneviento:A girl with a doll named Angie. She is also one of four lords serving Miranda.

Karl Heisenberg: An intimidating engineer makes holes in the factory. He is also a Lord who serves Miranda.

Rosemary Winters: A kidnapped daughter of Ethen.

The Duke:a weird man in the village lives in a warehouse shop.

Mother Miranda:Ruler of the village and one of the main villains hiding behind the mask of a kind person. Villagers admire her, and four lords dedicatedly serve her.

Alicina Dimitrescu:the main villain of evil Resident village 8, living in a castle and supervise the villagers.

Tips and tricks for resident evil 8 (village)

The tips and tricks here will help you to go through the haunting village quickly to save the family of your beloved character Ethan.

Aim for head

First of all, keep in mind always aim for the enemy’s head. It will give them extra damage. But if an enemy is headless, you can aim for his weaker points spotted with glowing red light.

Learn parry attack

If you are in a brutal fight, learn to parry the attack and block the enemy’s attack. After blocking the attack, the parry trick will help you fall the enemy with an instant back attack.

Fully upgrade specific weapons

Don’t upgrade every weapon you have. Instead, try to completely upgrade a few first. You will get an unlimited ammo version if you upgrade completely. Trust me, you won’t regret the spending of lei on upgrading.

No need to keep the knife

In the new version of Resident evil village 8, you don’t need to keep a knife anymore to break boxes. Your character now came with learned skills to break things by hand. Just smash the crate and enjoy maximum looting.

Focus on room colors

You will see some rooms with red color during exploration that will tell that you have missed some item here. If the room is blue, it means you got all that you meant to be. Remember, if the room is red and can’t find anything, try to check the walls with white light. Sometimes things are hidden in walls.

in short you are going to have great fun while playing this game. if you liked the tips and tricks please tell us in comments.

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