Reshooting of Golden hairpin | Rumors or Reality?

Re shooting of golden hairpin
⟶ Re shooting of golden hairpin
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The Chinese actor kris Wu is under controversy due to allegations of harassment. As for now, allegations are proved right and he is under judicial custody. Due to the harassment case, the career of Kris Wu is nearly ended. Almost all the companies who had contracts with the actor called of all the agreements. He has been eliminated from all signed projects.

The actor’s recently upcoming serial “The Golden Hairpin” is also almost canceled. However, now there are rumors about the reshooting of the Golden hairpin. Let’s dig into details and learn how a nearly banned serial has chances of broadcasting.

News of Cancellation of Golden Hairpin

In April 2021 Tecent media released the trailer of the new serial Golden Hairpin. It was the most awaited serial in China as Yang Zi is playing the female lead role. Yang Zi has been away from serials for 2 years. That is why fans were highly excited to see her again. The serial was going to be on air in July 2021. The shooting of this serial started in August 2019 and ended in July 2020.

Due to script objections, high budget, and unavailability of the main actor the shooting extended to eight months. Initially public objected that the novel had so many exorcisms and it will enhance the ill belief. So the director had to make various changes in the script to remove objections. Later the budget of the serial was increasing over time and it was a concern for production teams.

According to an estimate the serial Golden Hairpin is completed in 45 million US dollars. However, when the controversy of Kris Wu was raised, the censorship authorities reportedly put the serial on the cancellation list. All the fans of yang Zi were quite disappointed however reshooting of Golden hairpin is new hope for them.

Yang Zi Comments on Kris Wu Controversy and Cancellation of Serial

Yang Zi was heartbroken by the cancellation of the serial. According to her, the serial contains the blood and sweat of many people.

All the crew and actors including me have worked hard in this serial. Please consider not reject this serial and we will work more on every scene to make it successful.

yang Zi

In another interview, the actress revealed that in the whole shooting process they had to arrive at the shooting at 4 am. According to her shooting was extremely tiring and they don’t want their work to get waste. She also added that as a professional actress from the beginning of shooting she took the responsibility for her character. She kept working genuinely to satisfy the fans. As for the controversy outside the drama, she said it’s the concerns of other staff.

Rumors about Reshooting of Golden Hairpin

For few days rumors are circling on social media about reshooting the serial. According to the sources, the direction team will remove all the scenes of Kris Wu from the drama. However, all the other characters including yang Zi will be the same. Recent Media is considering top Chinese actors to replace Kris Wu.

Most of the rumors telling the names of Xu Kai, Xiao Zhan, and Deng Lun. However, none of the reports is confirmed by the official production team. According to netizens, there are more chances of Xu Kai to join the serial due to his high popularity. However, all three actors seem to be a good choice if there is really a reshooting under consideration.

Xu Kai, Xiao Zhan and Dang lun (left to write). Actors who can possibly replace kris wu in reshooting of golden hairpin.
Xu Kai, Xiao Zhan and Dang lun (left to write). Actors who can possibly replace kris wu

Is Reshooting of Golden Hairpin is Possible?

The serial was already a high-budget project. If the production team considers reshooting all scenes of the main lead only, still it will cost a huge amount. Although it is possible to change the face in scenes by using AI technology, it will lower the quality. However, there is no confirmation of the shooting, not any idea that if they replace the scenes or alter them.

However, the rumors of shootings are everywhere on Weibo, Twitter, and Facebook. It is difficult to say if they are true on not. Well, it’s yet to see if the team gives up the compete serial or tries once again to bring it out of controversy.

Many netizens are calling the serial cursed on various platforms. According to them the great amount of exorcism in the story has made the novel cursed that is why it faces controversies now and then. It is also good to note that many times Korean industry tried to adapt the same serial. However, likewise the Chinese version the Korean version also gets into controversies.

According to rumors, last year the Korean production team gave up on this drama. However, now there is news about the making of the K-version as the production team has signed a contract for the main lead role. We hope that both versions of the serial smoothly on airs without any trouble as soon as possible.

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