Top 5 Platforms That Can Help You Rent a Dress in Pakistan!

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Has the thought ever crossed your mind of what to wear when an event is approaching? If that’s the case then this article is for you! The churning in your brain before an event, regarding what to wear has always been a problem and always costs a lot of time and money also. So, here we’ll tell you how to rent a dress in Pakistan!

With covid-19 storming into our lives, affording expensive clothes has been a challenge. We are here to bring you an easy solution and that is renting out brand new clothes for an economical price. A wise man once said, “A bargain ain’t a bargain unless it’s something you need.” Check out the article below to find out more about this and jump on this bandwagon.

Closet – Rent a Dress Own a Memory

rent dresses online

When it comes to renting, the shop that tops the list is “Closet.” They have different categories of dresses including,

  • Bridal wear
  • Formal wear
  • Semi-formal wear

You can also get accessories that match your dress. Moreover, they not only deal with female outfits but they also provide men with an opportunity to rent a Dress in Pakistan! The designer wedding dresses rent in Karachi might fluctuate on the basis of the brand’s ranking. However, they are extremely cheap and easily affordable.

Delivery Charges: For Karachi, the delivery and pickup charges are PKR 220. For Lahore and Islamabad, delivery charges depend on the weight and size of a dress.

Phone: (+92) 304 111 7368

Address: Ug-01, Lavish Mall, opposite Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road Karachi

Do you want to earn? If yes, then closet has brought to you an amazing method of earning. You can now lend your outfits and get the payment. In western countries, renting dresses is very common. However, in Pakistan, we hardly observe this practice. So, we need to break the stereotypes and start saving money rather than spending thousands of rupees on a single dress. To become a lender, CLICK HERE NOW.

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Mumu Mandarin | Rent Dresses Online Now!

They’ve all the leading brands that include the most beautiful ensembles. This is a US-based website that also provides its customers with a virtual fitting room before booking the dresses.

Rent a Dress in USA
Check out a bridal dress for rent now!

Guidelines: When you’ll book the outfit, make sure you mention the correct date of the event. This is because the dress will be picked back exactly the next day of the event. Moreover, the delivery will take place two days prior to the event.

Note: they do not ship outside the USA.

If you join their membership, you’ll get the following benefits,

  • Flat 20% discount on all dress rentals
  • You will get an access to limited designer gowns and dresses that won’t be available to the normal public
  • $30 a month

Rent it | Wedding Dresses on Rent in Pakistan

Rent a Dress in Pakistan
Rent a Dress in Pakistan now!

If you’re looking for rent dresses in Lahore, then Rent it provides you with a hassle-free process of renting clothes in Lahore! This outlet deals with a number of outfits that can be perfect for your bridal day! They deal in four categories,

  • Bridals
  • Formals
  • Luxury pret
  • Western


Address: F/A Sarwar Road Lahore.

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rent dresses online

Now you can rent dresses online without any worries from rentable. This website provides you a wide variety of options including festive and casual clothes. Moreover, it also includes footwear, jewelry, and other accessories.

OLX – Rent a Dress in Pakistan

OLX is well-known for the sale and purchase of a variety of products including vehicles, property, and furniture. However, you can also rent a dress from OLX! Yes, there are people who are ready to lend their dresses. When it comes to OLX, every client deals with its customer personally. So, check out the ads and get yourself the best outfit!

With trends changing all the time and the hustle-bustle of the marketplace, it is too much work to get your clothes stitched and even buying them pre-made robs you of your perfect dress. With companies renting out these clothes, think of all the money and the environment that you are saving. Now that is what I call an achievement. For party wear dresses on rent in Karachi, some of these websites offer you same-day delivery.

So, what are you waiting for? Try renting out in the next event and razzle-dazzle your festivities with new looks. It’s time to surprise your friends and family with your newfound style and aura. No more racking your closets and your head, do try your hands at this and share your feedback with us.

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