Referendum for Kashmir | What PM Imran Khan has to say?

PM about Referendum for Kashmir
⟶ PM about Referendum for Kashmir
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Since 1947, Kashmir has always been a victim of International bigotry. Kashmiri conflict is always ignored by the UN on a global level. Be it India or Pakistan, the flaring tensions in Kashmir deserve to be settled down. The sacrifices of Kashmiris need attention and results. PM Imran Khan has always considered Kashmiris as free people. He has vowed to raise his voice for the rights of the people of occupied land. Recently Imran Khan has announced a referendum for Kashmir that facilitates their choice. What do you think of it? Would this benefit the people of occupied land? Let’s find the answers.

Referendum for Kashmir! What does that mean?

On Friday, PM Imran Khan guaranteed the Kashmiris that they would be independent in making decisions for their fate. In the referendum for Kashmir, Khan explained that Kashmiris could join either Pakistan or become an independent state. No one would force or pressurize them.

“I want to clarify to all of you today. InshaAllah, a day will come, when all the sacrifices made by the people of Kashmir, will not be wasted. God will grant you that right. There will be a referendum, InshaAllah.

Prime Minister Imran Khan

Furthermore, Khan was sure and confident for Kashmir to join Pakistan. Moreover, after the UN-mandated referendum, the Pakistani government will also conduct its own referendum that would let the people join Pakistan or remain an independent territory. Further, he also mentioned the prehistoric struggle of Kashmiris, stating that it started a century ago when they first stood against the Dogra Government.

Azad Jammu and Kashmir won’t become a new province!

PM Imran Khan in Tarar Khel addressing the election campaign rally.
PM Imran Khan in Tarar Khel addressing the election campaign rally. (Source: GEO news)

PM Imran Khan while addressing an election campaign rally in Tarar Khel cleared the air and rubbished the recent circulating statement. “Azad Jammu and Kashmir to be converted into Pakistan’s new province” this rumor was circulating in politics. However, Khan turned down the rumors and said,

“I do not know where all this talk has sprung from,”

Imran Khan

Further, Imran Khan mentioned hope for Kashmiri leader, Yasin Malik and said that,

“I am giving a message to Yasin Malik to remain patient and steadfast as victory is near,”

Imran Khan

Who will win AJK elections? Survey has a lot to tell!

On Sunday, more than 3 million people from the region will vote for a five-year government. The public is ready to elect their 53 member assembly of the region. Gallup Pakistan conducted a survey that shows PTI as the political party most likely to win the AJK elections. Reports claim that more than 500 people took part in the survey. This was from all the 10 districts of the region.

Seems like PTI is the most trusted political party as it stands first with 44% votes from the 100 districts. However, PMLN stands at 12% whereas PPP collected around 9% votes. Well, these are just predictions based on a survey. Let’s see what happens on the 25th of July 2021.

Gallup Azad and Jammu Kashmir election survey 2021 that shows PTI supporters make up 44%. (Source: Gallup Pakistan)

They also conducted a positive perception survey about different political leaders. Imran Khan is in the lead with the highest votes standing at 67%. The following table shows the other results are:

Imran Khan67%
Bilawal Bhutto49%
Shahbaz Sharif48%
Nawaz Sharif46%
Maryam Nawaz45%
Positive Rating survey by Gallup Pakistan.

Moreover, the survey also asked people whether the results of the AJK election would be fair or not. Well, 53% of people think that it would be fair. However, 30% of them thought it would be unfair.

Gallup Azad and Jammu Kashmir election survey 2021 showing the statistics of voters judging the fairness of elections.
Gallup Azad and Jammu Kashmir election survey 2021 showing the statistics of voters judging the fairness of elections. (Source: Gallup Pakistan)

All we can do is wait and expect things to settle in place. Above mentioned statements surely have planted a seed of hope in the Kashmiri struggle. Moreover, we can only hope for a positive outcome from the leaders worldwide. Time will tell the truth and reveal the intentions of global politics. What do you think? Would Kashmir join Pakistan or become an independent territory? Share your reviews with us about the referendum for Kashmir! Thank you for reading!

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