Happy World Red Planet Day 28 November

Happy World Red Planet Day 28 November
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Red Planet Day, a day celebrated on 28 of November, Identifies the planet which has fascinated human observers for several years. Eventually, Mars gets its name from the Greek word “Ares,” meaning the God of War. Right now, Mars, we know that it is red, and it’s all the photographer’s efforts. The human eye has detected the reddish color of the solar system’s fourth planet for centuries, glancing in the night sky. A little bit scientists know red came from iron oxide on mars, known as common rust. To know more interesting and amazing facts, stay connected till the end with us.

Red Planet Day Observation

DateYearWeekdayDay Name
28 November2021SundayRed Planet Day
28 November2022MondayRed Planet Day
28 November2023TuesdayRPD: Red Planet Day
28 November2024ThursdayRPD
28 November2025FridayRPD
28 November2026SaturdayRPD
28 November2027SundayRPD
28 November2028TuesdayRPD
28 November2029WednesdayRPD
28 November2030ThursdayRPD

Red Planet Day History

With time, it became possible that man could travel among stars one day; filmmakers and authors availed them for the scene of wonders surrounding the red planet Mars. They created the science fiction work and imaginations of walking on the rusty ground of Mars.

Red Planet Day History
Red Planet Day History

One big question remains unanswered, Mars held good old-fashioned water, polar ice caps, and ancient canals were an optical illusion. Still, it didn’t stop thinkers that the fourth planet was previously civilized told by ancient remains away from the sun.

In this century, the orbiters mission and rovers mission sent back detailed information about Mars, and NASA, along with its counterparts, planned a man mission to Mars. In 1964, on November 28, Mariner 4 Spacecraft was launched, and it performed its successful flyby on planet Mars returning its pictures.

Red Planet Day Celebration

Explore More About Mars: Do you know what the strategies for the not-yet-landed perseverance rover would be? The part of the plan is to fill test tubes with the sample material and preserve them for the future perspective that would be able to return to earth. Many of the tidbits you can find when you do some work on it.

Enjoy a Mars Themed Movie: There is a surplus to start work from, again, if you move back to 1981’s “ATrip to Mars.” If you need some more examples are “The Martian” and “The Space Between Us.” Furthermore, If you are a Sci-Fi fan, you could also become A Sci-Fi writer and have a movie script of your own.

Go Through a Mars Themed Book: There are a lot of books you may go through to get enough knowledge about Mars, such as “ The Martian Chronicles” and “ Rose to Ecclesiastes.” In addition, a simple search on the internet will also avail you of many novels to read about Mars.

Red Planet Day Facts About Mars

Red Planet Day And Facts About Mars
Red Planet Day And Facts About Mars
Point To PonderMarsEarth
Average Distance From Sun142 Million Miles93 Million Miles
Average speed in orbiting Sun14.5 miles per second18.5 miles per second
Diameter4420 miles7926 miles
Tilt of Axis25 degree23.5 degree
Length of Year687 days365 days
Length of Day24 hours 37 minutes23 hours 56 minutes
Gravity0.357 of Earth2.66 times that of Mars
TemperatureAverage -81 degrees FAverage 57 degrees F
AtmosphereMostly carbon dioxide, some water vaporsNitrogen, oxygen, argon, some others
Numbers of Moon21
Red Planet Day Facts About Mars

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