Rand Paul blames Richard Marx for the suspicious package

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⟶ Rand Paul blames Richard Marx for the suspicious package
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On Monday 24th, Rand Paul, the Kentucky Senator, received a suspicious package at home. The senator thought that the tweet of Richard Marx is the reason behind it. Both of them are often seen engaged in the war of words on Twitter.

According to reports, the package consisted of white powder. The package was observed for the presence of any toxic substances. Well, the FBI investigated a sample of the package. As a result, the powder was harmless.

The envelope also had an image of Paul walking with a crutch in a neck brace and arm cast, and the picture was photoshopped. It also had a note saying that:

“I’ll finish what your neighbor started, you motherfucker.”

Further, this note referred to an issue that took place in 2017. Rene Boucher, the neighbor of the senator, assaulted him at that time. It was a dispute over lawn care and yard waste. As a result, Rene Boucher was sentenced to a month in prison.

Rand Paul vs Richard Marx | the twitter war

Richard Marx is famous for his hits like “Hold onto the Nights” and is also known for his controversial and caustic political tweets. Mr. Richard is one of the most favored singer critics of the politicians. The sparring between them both has taken social media by storm.

Furthermore, He also shared one of the tweets from last March. At the beginning of the pandemic when Paul tested positive for coronavirus. In conclusion, he criticized the senator for putting the colleagues at risk. He said that: “You know who actually put multiple people’s lives at potential risk”?

This issue between a politician and an entertainer is getting out of hand as Paul accuses Marx of encouraging violence against him. Further, their statements made rounds around Twitter. Moreover, the senator said on Tuesday, “I take these threats immensely seriously.” he tweeted,

The war of words between the politician and singer is a source of entertainment for the people. Even if people are not big fans of Marx. They enjoy the bold commentary he does on Twitter.

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