Prank or harassment? “Dupatta lo” YouTuber khan Ali in jail.

Prankster harassing women
⟶ Prankster harassing women
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Nowadays YouTubers are earning a lot of money through comedy and pranks. It’s a less costly and more convenient way to get views and likes. Pakistani viewers are also making more content on pranks. But jokes also have a limit. When it comes to crossing the limits, pranks become harassment. The same thing happened when a YouTuber named khan Ali started creating prank videos with women. In this article, we will tell you why the YouTuber got jailed due to pranks.

YouTuber khan Ali harassment case
women trying to avoid the harassment done by YouTuber khan Ali

YouTuber khan Ali came up apparently with a message for women to wear a dupatta. However, behind positive reasoning, he was harassing them. The prankster better called a harasser Khan Ali has a YouTube channel named “Vele log khan Ali”. He created 2 series of videos in which he used to force women to wear a dupatta. He went to universities and stopped the girls on road. After stopping them he used to give them money forcefully. When they denied or asked the reason he used to say to take the money and wear a dupatta. Things were already disrespectful here. It’s disrespecting that a person is trying to “buy” a woman’s freedom of wearing clothes.

khan Ali harassing women

That person didn’t stop here offering money in exchange to wear a dupatta. He was also touching girls when they tried to pass away. He was grabbing the girl’s arms to stop them. When girls denied wearing a dupatta, he started using bad language for them. In many videos, people can see him trying to get violent after getting denied.

YouTuber Khan Ali forcing women to wear dupatta

Usually, he was trying to get intimidated girls while talking. All the things were neither positive nor funny. Rather it was nerve-wrenching to see the girl’s expressions who were being touched forcefully. It’s was not funny at all that a man approaches a girl and pays her to change her attire. The girls were obviously terrified and they were trying everything to get a way out. But he was grabbing their arms and shoulders to stop them. He was intimidating daughters in front of mothers. Also, he was touching wives who were with their husbands. After doing a lot of shamelessness he used to justify himself as being a Muslim and Pakistani.

According to him, Islam gives him the right to spread a message to wear a dupatta. But maybe he doesn’t know Islam prohibits men from blocking women’s paths. Islam forbids touching “Na Mehram.” And Islam also prohibits men to use foul language with women. However, the public didn’t remain silent.

YouTuber got jailed

According to khan Ali, the public is appreciating his content. He created 2 series of videos with the name “Dupatta lo.” He said that Pakistani men are enjoying and appreciating his initiative to teach women a lesson. However, people on social media finally proved that Pakistanis are not senseless to support false patriarchy. Soon there was an uproar on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter against this YouTuber. People condemned the harassment in the name of pranks.

At last, Punjab police took the right action and arrested this man. Now Khan Ali is in jail and people on social media are appreciating the Punjab police for taking good initiative. There are so many sick minded like Khan Ali who think that they can preach Islam forcefully. We hope that police teach him a good lesson behind the bars. Otherwise, he will come out and create part 3 of this series to get publicity. If this impudence doesn’t stop there, soon it will be normal to grab or touch a walking woman in the name of Islam.

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