Pop singer Demi Lovato identifies as non-binary

Demi Lovato
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Fans have always loved Demi Lovato and their vocals are tuneful in every song, be it “heart attack” or “sorry not sorry.” On Wednesday, 19th of May, one of their surprising statement made rounds around Twitter. After “Self-reflective work,” the singer shared the news with their fans, telling them they are non-binary. The queen of vocals, Demi Lovato identifies as non-binary. Do you know what is non-binary? Well, it’s very simple. In this article, you’ll get to know everything.

Demi Lovato identifies as non-binary!

Popstar Demi Lovato broke the stereotypes. They came forward with a courageous statement on Twitter about being genderqueer. They were happy and emotional while sharing their identity with all of their followers.

The song-writer said:

This statement made people curious to know what is non-binary. Demi Lovato changed the pronouns to they/them. The star did this to support the non-binary people. Genderqueers face difficulties just because of their identity. Above all, they deserve encouragement and support from society.

Further, the 28-year-old in a YouTube documentary shared everything with their fans. Telling them about their mental health, courage, and self-reflective work they had to do. They took this step to recognize the non-binary people all around the globe. Moreover, the talented and beautiful vocalist came up with a brave statement about this saying:

The beautiful celebrity urged the people to live in their truths. She emphasized upon self-recognition and acceptance of every person in the world. They mentioned that a lot of healing took them to this point.

What is non binary?

This terminology is for the people who are outside the gender binary. The term binary refers to specified gender and they can be males or females. Non-binary people are apart from specificity.

Furthermore, in Western Society, the norm is to consider gender as binary only. They lack acceptance for non-binaries. Demi Lovato is making efforts to change the perception.

Response of Audience

Demi Lovato was overwhelmed by the response of the audience. Further, They were thankful to all the fans who supported and recognized them as nonbinary. The singer was glad to see the reaction of their followers and wrote a thank you note on Twitter. In conclusion, the tweet was a response to the love and support they received from fans.

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