PM Imran Khan under fire for his controversial statement!

PM Imran Khan comments on sexual violence
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PM Imran Khan has always been a straightforward leader. His controversial statements usually make rounds around Twitter. In the recent situation, the nation is divided. Some people are totally against the PM. On the contrary, some are raising voices in his support. The PM is facing a torrent of criticism as people say he victim-blamed women who went through sexual violence. Let’s figure out what actually happened!

PM Imran Khan with Jonathan Swan ofAxios HBO

Recently, the PM of Pakistan was seen in an interview with Jonathan Swan ofAxios HBO. This show escalated the criticism on PM because of his statements. Jonathan asked him about the increase in sex crimes in Pakistan. The PM’s response to this question has had many people in shock. However, there are people who support him for the answers.

Mr Khan explained that the concept of Purdah in Islam is to avoid temptations. Therefore, men would be less attracted to fully dressed women. Jonathan asked him whether the clothes are responsible for an increase in sexual violence. PM responded that it totally depends on the society one lives in.

He mentioned that in Pakistan, there are no nightclubs, women have been wearing full clothes for a long time. So people haven’t seen such stuff. According to him, the fact that dressing impacts sex crimes depends on society. In Pakistan, women usually wear full clothes. Hence, men are not used to seeing women with fewer clothes. Therefore, it would have an impact on sexual violence according to PM.

The very famous, Gharidah Farooqi, Kanwal Ahmed and Mosharraf Zaidi spelled it out for everyone.

The majority of the nation stand against the statement. However, there are still people who consider it right. They believe the fact that dressing could be a source of seduction. The Twitter war is at its peak as Pakistanis are busy with this debate.

However, the majority of the people are against this controversial statement and believe that rape can’t be justified.

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