Comments of Pervez Hoodbhoy on Hijab have Enraged Twitter!

Pervez Hoodbhoy’s Comments on Hijab
⟶ Pervez Hoodbhoy’s Comments on Hijab
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In a country like Pakistan, where more than half of the women population wears a hijab, the comments of Pervez Hoodbhoy make no sense! The nuclear physicist made inappropriate and illogical comments about the women who cover themselves. Do you know what the statement was that caused an uproar on social media? Here I’ll tell you about the Comments of Pervez Hoodbhoy on Hijab in a TV show which have taken Twitter by storm! Moreover, we’ll also figure out why his statement is being criticized on the national level! Let’s dig into further details!

Pervez Hoodbhoy on Hijab | Are Hijabis Abnormal According to him?

The comments of Pakistani nuclear physicist and activist Mr. Pervez Hoodbhoy about Hijab have left the people in a state of ambiguity. Mr. Hoodboy thinks that a woman who wears a burqa/hijab shows an abnormal attitude. He indirectly targeted the female students in the universities who wear hijab/burqa. According to his observation, such women don’t really participate in class and even in extracurricular activities. Pervez Hoodbhoy’s remarks about Hijab were,

I’ve been teaching since 1973 and 47 years ago you could hardly observe a girl wearing a burqa at that time. But now, Hijab and Burqa are very common and you could hardly find a “normal” girl there. Moreover, when they sit in the class, covered in hijab/burqa, their activity and participation in the classroom decrease to such a level that one can’t determine their presence in the classroom. Back then, female students were not used to asking a lot of questions but still, they asked a few and I answered them very happily.

The above-mentioned remarks of Pervez Hoodbhoy on Hijab have caused an uproar on social media. He directly mentioned that women in the universities are less confident because they wear hijab. Moreover, he indirectly said that covering the body affects the confidence level. He called out “hijab” being the reason for women’s less participation in the classroom.

Twitter spoke aloud in defense of the hijabis clearing the fact that a woman’s job or skill isn’t defined by her clothes. She is independent in wearing whatever she wants. There are thousands of examples of hijabis representing their countries on the international level. Hence, this absurd statement by Dr. Pervez makes no sense and such misogyny has no place in our society.

News Anchor from Samaa Kiran Naz Wears Burqa to Support the Hijabis!

In response to Pervez Hoodbhoy’s Comments on Hijab news anchor “Kiran Naz” from Samaa wore the burqa in a live show to support the women who do pardah. Social media has been praising the news anchor for taking up a positive step. She wore that burqa and clarified the fact that “A woman can perform all of her duties in niqab too.” The dress code can never be an obstacle when it comes to working.

Pervez Hoodbhoy’s Comments on Hijab
Samaa News anchor “Kiran Naz” wore niqaab in a live show to show support to the hijabis. This was in reply to the comments made by Pervez Hoodbhoy on Hijab.

Is Hijab an Obstacle in a Women’s Life?

NO, read that again. Let me tell you some examples of Hijabis who have made their countries proud on an international level. “Zahra Lari” from UAE became the first figure skater and was the first one to compete on an international level. Moreover, you might have heard about “Ibtihaj Muhammad.” She is the first who represented the USA at the Olympic games back in 2016. She is also a bronze medalist. Next, we have isShahnaz Lagharifrom Pakistan who is listed in the Guinness Book of World Record for flying an aircraft while wearing the hijab. There are unlimited stories but I’ve shown you a glimpse of it only!

The comments of Dr. Pervez depict his hypocritical mindset. This is because when a girl wears revealing dresses, the majority of people claim that it’s her own choice, which is actually her own choice. However, when a hijabi covers her up people call her less confident? What are these double standards? Such hypocritical mindsets need to stop demoralizing women!

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