People Escaping Afghanistan | Chased Away by Terror

People escaping Afghanistan
⟶ People escaping Afghanistan
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As soon as the Taliban seized Kabul, the state was in havoc. The peak desperation of people to flee the country led to the loss of many lives. The smart political invasion played by the Taliban has had the globe in shock. Analysts mentioned that the insurgents would take three months at least to seize the capital. On the next day, Kabul was gone.

Hence, the Taliban victory totally remained unpredictable. The fact that it was all done without a civil war, clearly depicts how strong negotiators they are! But the question is, “Why are people escaping Afghanistan?” or it won’t be wrong to say “Why are people escaping the Taliban rule.”

Let’s analyze the fall of Kabul first. How did it happen? The US Army trained with the investment of billions of dollars collapsed right in front of the insurgents who even had no air force! The war had reached its destination a while ago. However, the lies and double-dealings covered the fiasco.

In the meanwhile, the Taliban swept away swiftly into the major cities starting from the north and in the end peacefully captured the capital. As I mentioned above, they proved to be strong negotiators. At the end of the day, it won’t be wrong to say that nobody fights for a cause that is already lost.

Why Are People Escaping Afghanistan?

Taliban today and Taliban two decades ago need to be different to secure global legitimacy. The people of Afghanistan are all in terror because of the notorious past of the insurgents. As soon as Kabul had fallen, people started escaping Afghanistan. It was the fear that made them forget their assets and all they thought was about “How to leave Afghanistan.”

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What Was the Kabul Airport Incident | 640 Afghans in the US C-17!

The desperation of Afghani people can be clearly seen in the images and videos that went viral from the capital’s airport. The evacuation flight that took off from Kabul and reached Qatar is by far one of the most heavily occupied flights in history.

The US Air Force C-17 Globemaster III evacuated almost 640 Afghans. This evacuation took place on 15th August 2021. Moreover, despite asking the extra passengers to offload, the crew made a decision to fly with them. Similarly, a C-17 also once evacuated 670 passengers fleeing a typhoon in the Philippines.

  • 640 Afghans in the US C-17!
  • 640 Afghans in the US C-17!

Moreover, on Monday more than 5 Afghani people lost their lives in desperate attempts to flee the state as soon as the withdrawal of US troops. Further, people were seen clinging to a plane taking off that also lead to their death. The chaotic end of the two decades of war has left many people in a state of uncertainty.

Earlier, a video went viral on social media that clearly shows how people clung to the side of the US plane taking off. However, even the crew didn’t take notice of it and the flight took off normally as it does on a usual basis. In the video, one can clearly witness the people falling off the plane soon after it took off.

The video clearly shows how desperate are the Afghani people such that they don’t even care about their own life. The Kabul airport was full of people who were ready to leave their state. People of Afghanistan are so afraid of the Taliban comeback. This is because of the ill-famed past of the Taliban.

Is the Taliban Takeover a Threat to People in Afghanistan?

The people in Afghanistan are totally unaware of what’s going to happen because the future seems unpredictable. The Taliban that existed 20 years ago were cruel and brutal. However, facing the new generation who is educated and independent is a big task for the insurgents.

Only if the Taliban honour women rights and don’t repeat the same mistakes they did back then, they would be recognized globally. Moreover, it is mandatory for them to understand that Afghanistan can’t be isolated from international politics. The repetition of the past can lead to serious consequences. However, the fear among Afghani people is legit. No one can deny the worst situation they’ve been going through. All we can do is expect that the Taliban don’t repeat history.

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