Palestine | A brief history of Palestinian territory

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Palestine has a history full of land seizures and complex conflicts. However, This is due to the religious importance of land. It includes the West Bank and the Gaza strip. It has a majority of Arabs and a minority of Jews and Christians.

Women raising voice in support of Palestinians.
Women raising voice in support of Palestinians.

Where did Palestine come from?

Around 135 UN members identify it as an independent state. However, the US and Israel don’t do so. Many groups have ruled over the land in the past. Firstly, from 1517 to 1917, the Ottoman Empire ruled the region. However, in 1918, the situation went volt-face. British were the new rulers. Finally, in 1923, a mandate was given by the “League of Nations”, which was implemented, and the Jewish National Homeland was to be established in Palestine.

Splitting-up of the land | UN’s proposal

In 1947, the UN proposed the partition proposal that divided the land equally among Jewish and Arab people. Jerusalem was religiously significant for both religions. Hence, it was given a special status and considered international territory.

Jewish people accepted the proposal, but Arabs refused to accept the ordinance. The Arabs wanted more land as they were in the majority. As a result, they started forming volunteer armies in Gaza.

Birth of Israel | A Jewish state

In 1948, Britain left, and Israel declared the land as an independent state. Immediately, the Arab countries provided armies to stave off the happenings. Therefore, the Arab-Israeli war was ended in July 1949. As a result, Jordan controlled the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Egypt.

War of 1967

In 1964 PLO, the Palestinian Liberation Organization, was formed to regain statehood. However, in 1967, Israel defeated the combined forces of Jordan, Egypt and Syria. Hence, It took over the Gaza Strip, Sinai Peninsula, West Bank, East Jerusalem and Golan Heights.

Hamas | A sunni Islami militant group of Palestine

Violence was at its peak in the five years, after which in 2006, Hamas came into existence. It won the legislative elections in Gaza. In 2014, Hamas, along with Fatah, made a combined national government of Palestinians.

Current scenario | conflict with Israel

The current ethnic cleansing in Gaza is totally illegal. Unfortunately, the veto power holder, the USA, recognizes Israel as an independent state. Despite the violence and conflicts, Palestinians have no media to stand with them.

Rallies organized in support of Palestine worldwide.
Rallies organized in support of Palestinians worldwide.

The UN needs to work on this issue. It must maintain peace throughout Gaza. Moreover, the land disputes should end up now.

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