Pakistan’s exclusion from UNSC Afghan debate stirs controversy!

United Nation Security Council's meeting
⟶ United Nation Security Council's meeting
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United Nations Security Council on Friday (6th August 2021) discussed the deteriorating circumstance of Afghanistan. However, the fact of consideration is that despite a request, Pakistan was not allowed to participate in the United Nations Security Council discussion on Afghanistan. On the other hand, its disparagers were a part of the discussion! Afghan crisis has brought ultimate chaos to international politics. Pakistan’s Exclusion from UNSC Afghan debate has given rise to many questions. Why was Pakistan not a part of the Afghan debate? Although it shares a strong position in international politics concerning Afghan debate. Then what is the reason for the exclusion? Please read the whole article and figure it out!

Why was Pakistan excluded from UNSC Afghan discussion?

On Friday, the United Nations Security Council discussed the Afghan problems. It urged all the parties along with the Taliban to seek a political settlement. Further, Pakistan, wishing for Afghan peace, requested the UNSC chair (India’s permanent representative) to participate in the discussion, and the Council denied its request.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri penned up a tweet to respond to Pakistan’s Exclusion from UNSC Afghan debate. He called it “a matter of deep regret.” Pakistan, being the closest neighbor of Afghanistan, has always cleared its stance on Afghan peace. Further, he criticized them for enabling the peddling of false allegations against Pakistan.

Pakistan, while stressing the Afghan peace in an unambiguous tone, mentioned that there isn’t any military solution possible. So, the parties should seek a political settlement. It expressed serious concerns over the lack of substantive progress in the Intra-Afghan Negotiations after the withdrawal of US troops. It also asked all the sides to ensure respect towards human rights.

Moreover, it warned Afghanistan of the spoilers who could play conspiracies to sabotage the peace process.

“It is equally important to remain cognizant of spoilers, both within and outside, who do not wish to see the return of peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region.”

Concerning this, it reiterated that the government must be aware of the international conspiracies. Further, it asked to avoid blame-game and restated the productive use of the Afghanistan Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity.

“We also urge the Government of Afghanistan, once again, to refrain from the blame game and engage with Pakistan in a meaningful manner to address the challenges to peace, security and progress in the region.

What happened at the UNSC Afghan debate?

The first week of India’s Presidency, the critical meeting on Afghanistan took place. Mr. Tirumurti, the President, called it a crucial meeting. Further, he called it a source of revealing the dire situation in war-torn Afghanistan. All members condemned the violence in Afghanistan along with the veto-member US, saying that,

“Taliban must hear from the international community that we will not accept a military takeover of Afghanistan or a return of the Taliban’s Islamic Emirate.”

Moreover, Afghanistan’s representative at the UNSC meeting made certain allegations about Pakistan funding terrorism there. However, Pakistan later denied the allegations and called them baseless disinformation.

“Pakistan categorically rejects these accusations. Pakistan’s position on the issue has been shared with the Security Council members.”

They discussed the aggravating tensions of Afghanistan’s Taliban issue. Moreover, the Council, under India’s presidency, condemned the “escalating violence in Afghanistan.” Expressing deep concern over the situation in the state, they declared that they don’t support the restoration of the Islamic Emirate.

Does Pakistan accuse India of exclusion from the discussion?

“We made a formal request for participation, but it was denied,” Munir Akram, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador, told UN Headquarters in New York. “Obviously, we do not expect fairness from the Indian presidency for Pakistan.”

Responding to the unaccepted allegations, he cleared that Pakistan would never use its soil to destabilize Afghanistan. Pakistan criticizes India for not letting it be a part of the ongoing International debate of Afghanistan.

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