Pakistan Faced Slow Internet But It has Recovered

Pakistan Faced Slow Internet But It has Recovered
⟶ Pakistan Faced Slow Internet But It has Recovered
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Pakistan faced slow internet but it has recovered now. The disruption of the Asia-Europe 25,000 km long AE-1 cable has affected the internet speed in Pakistan. Due to this, Pakistani had to face trouble in using the internet. Here you will read why Pakistan has to face slow internet and how it has been recovered.

Pakistan Cable Slow Internet Speed

According to details, telecom sources said that the most important cable network of 40 terabytes broke down near Fujairah, due to which the internet speed has slowed down in several Asian countries. Also, Pakistan faced slow internet. Telecom sources said that due to the crisis, internet data traffic is being shifted to other low capacity cables and at the same time disruption and repair work has been started.
According to sources, the teams of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority have identified the faulty cable. However, repairing 40 terabyte AE- 1 cable can take several days. A PTCL spokesman said that after the PTCL teams identified the fault, the faulty cable was being disconnected from the system. It could take up to six hours to rectify the fault.
“Dear Valued Customer, We are facing some issue on one of our upstream submarine cables due to which you may face service degradation or slow speed issue. We are in coordination with an upstream provider, we will further update you as received,” an ISP said.
However, the national internet facilitator is working with the International Submarine Consortium to completely restore Internet services throughout the country.

“We regret the inconvenience caused to our customers and will notify you as soon as the services are fully restored. Thank you for your patience,” it said.

Pakistan Faced Slow Internet
Pakistan Faced Slow Internet

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News about Internet in Pakistan Today | Pakistan Faced Slow Internet

The Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) said Tuesday that the shortcoming in the submarine link close to Fujairah, UAE, which had caused the web speed in Pakistan to dial back, has been fixed.
The PTA reported that work is in progress to re-establish internet providers, that might have been slow or down for certain clients in the country.
“A submarine cable fault was reported yesterday near Fujairah, UAE due to which some users may have faced degradation in services. The faulty cable segment has been repaired and work is underway to make the services fully functional,” read its tweet.

The issue in AE-1 Cable which is 25,000 km long slowed down the internet speed in Pakistan. On Monday, Pakistan faced slow internet, but today on Tuesday, the issue with internet cable has been fixed. For the latest news in all fields, keep visiting NaeTaze Website.

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