Pakistan Defence Day Speech in English: 6 September Special

Pakistan Defence Day Speech in English: 6 September Special
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If you have a Pakistan Defence Day speech competition in English coming up on 6 September, then don’t worry! We have solved your problem. This article has three beautifully written speeches to amaze the judges as well as the audience. Students give defence day speech on Pakistan army on this historic day. This defence day speech is delivered both in English and in Urdu. In addition to this, some people pay tributes to martyrs by writing Defence day essays. In this article, you can read “6 September special” speeches for class 5, class 8, and also for college level. That is why you don’t want to miss this Article. Stick to the end and win the competition. Check out the speeches:

  • This article does not contain defence day speech in urdu, but only in English.
Pakistan Defence Day Speech in English: Win 6 September competition
6 September Pakistan Defence day speeches.

Pakistan Defence Day Speech in English #01:

Respected Principal, teachers, and dear classmates, Good Morning!

The topic of my speech is Pakistan Defence day. Before starting, Let me tell you why there is a word “Defence” in it. In September, our neighbor and arch-rival India attacked Lahore, Sialkot, and the desert area of Sindh. They had advanced weapons, tanks, and other missiles. We did not have any advanced weapons like India. But still, our soldiers successfully “Defended” our country. They gave their blood so that Pakistanis at that time and us, their generation, could live peacefully. If they had not defended Pakistan, our conditions would be just like Srinagar.

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Dear friends, you all know on the dawn of the attack, the Indian Army Chief said they would eat Breakfast in Lahore. His wish could not be fulfilled at that time. But decades later, his wish was fulfilled. As we all know Lahoris love to drink Chai in the breakfast. Decades later Indian pilot Abhinandan tried to attack Pakistani territory. His plane was shot in the air by a Pakistani pilot. Later he was rescued from the mob. Then Abhinandan bravely fulfilled the wish of his former Indian army chief by drinking tea. And I would also like to congratulate the Mess. Abhinandan liked the tea and said on camera, “The Tea is fantastic.” Jokes aside, it is our army’s immaculate training that we fight hard till the last minute.

We Enjoy Freedom on the Cost of our Soldiers’ lives.

Dear Friends, we enjoy freedom today because our troops laid their lives. They protected our motherland with their blood. It is rightly said that a soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him. But because he loves what is behind his back and that is his country, people, and memories. Due to his valor in the 1965 war, Major Raja Aziz Bhatti was awarded the highest military award “Nishan-e-Haider.”

Defence day is also the perfect occasion to renew our pledge with Pakistan that we will work day and night to make our country a better place. And also that we will not be intimidated or ordered by any foreign state. And also that we will defend our country from anything, be that a military assault or the assault on our ideology. May Allah grant us the ability and determination to fulfill these pledges. I will end my speech on slogan: Pakistan Zindabad!

Pakistan army fough hard on 6 September, now known as defence day.
Pakistan army fough hard on 6 September, now known as defence day.

Pakistan Defence Day Speech in English #02:

Respected Principal, teacher, and audience, Assalam-o-Alaikum!

We all have gathered here today to proudly celebrate the day of our military valor. Today is the day our soldiers surprised the enemy with their ability to defend the country. Let me tell you about the biggest tank battle after World war 2. On Punjab plains, the battle of tanks happened. Pakistani troops successfully defended their homeland by destroying the enemies’ tanks. They laid their lives but did not allow enemy tanks to enter Pakistani soil. Then these destroyed tanks were used to make the Nishan-e-Haider medal for Raja Aziz Bhatti.

Respected audience, this region has a history of producing one of the bravest of its time. 6 September valor is the perfect example. If you look at the facts about defense day of Pakistan, you will see how bravely the Pakistan army fought. At 3 am, Indian forces entered Pakistan without formally declaring war. Then, when the war ended on 22 September, Between these 17 days, India did not get a single piece of land from Pakistan which it hoped.

After our history, let’s talk about celebrations. We celebrate this auspicious day in different ways. Parades in ceremonies and functions in educational institutes are also a must. Some people post defence day quotes on their social media. But let me tell you. The biggest way of celebrating this is to make a promise to yourself that we will protect our country at any cost. We will protect our country from any foreign aggression. We will protect our country from corruption & from poverty. And most importantly, we will protect our country from any kind of attack on our unique Muslim Ideology. With these promises, I would like to end my speech on our most popular slogan: Pakistan Zindabad!

We pay tributes via speeches because Pakistani troops laid their lives.
We pay tributes via speeches because Pakistani troops laid their lives.

6 September Defence Day Speech #03:

Respected audience, judges, and dear friends, Good Morning!

I want to begin my speech by congratulating you all on being able to celebrate a defense day. I congratulated you because you now have the freedom to do anything like celebrating a defense day. But who should we be thankful for? We must thank our martyrs because it is all possible due to the sacrifices of our troops on 6 September. Had our troops not laid lives for us, our condition would have been just like Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me tell you about the history of defense day first. It was the early 1960s when India was showing aggression. India wanted to change Kashmir’s status and denied all the UN resolutions on Kashmir. Moreover, India thought itself to be invincible and attacked China in 1962. China defeated India in this war and India was humiliated. In the meantime, Kashmir’s were raising their voices for freedom. To India’s worry, fights in Kashmir became a regular thing. Understandably, Pakistan fully supported resistance by Kashmir’s. In August 1965, several clashes and exchanges of fire happened in LOC. Then it led to something bigger. On 6 September, India attacked Pakistan at 3 am hoping that it would surprise us. But in reality, our defence surprised them. Our soldiers defended our country in such a way that we now observe “ Pakistan Defence day” every year on 6 September.

There is more glory on 7 September. A single Pakistan airforce pilot M.M. Alam shot down 5 Indian airforce aircraft. It is still a Guinness record. M.M.Alam was flying F-86 and destroyed both Indian planes and wish to conquer Pakistan.

Dear Friends, our martyrs, and Ghazis wrote the golden chapter in our history book with their bravery and blood. We can never fully thank them with our words or gestures. All we can do is respect our army, acknowledge their achievements, and keep pondering over our past so that we can become good citizens of a free country. It is never too late to honour martyrs and national heroes. May Allah give us strength to do what we say. Pakistan Zindabad!

Bottom Line:

6 September is without a doubt one of the historic days in Pakistan’s history. Pakistanis celebrate this day with full fervor. Schools, colleges, and civil societies arrange speech competitions as well. Students deliver Defence day speech in English and Urdu (whatever the format management decides). Candidates not only try to win this competition but also give tributes to the heroes. You can win the Pakistan Defence Day Speech competition if you deliver a speech with full determination and good posture. We wish you the Best of Luck! Also, if you have anything to say about this article, then don’t forget to comment in the comments section.

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