Pakistan Defence Day Quotes, Status, and SMS for 6 September!

Pakistan Defence Day Quotes, Status, SMS for 6 September!
⟶ Pakistan defence day quotes and Status.
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If you have searched Defence day Quotes and Status, then you have come to the Right Article. Stay till the end and see Quotes, images for Status, SMS, and Wishes for Youm-e-Difa. Pakistan Defence Day Quotes in both English and Urdu are posted in this article for you. People post this to show their love for Pakistan and the army. In addition to this, there are other ways to celebrate defence day. Speech competitions, parades, essays, and other functions are held across the country.

6 September is a historic day for Pakistan as the 1965 Indo-Pak war started on that day. Pakistan celebrates this day as “defence day” as Pakistan successfully defended itself from the Indian attack.

Here are the Youm-e-Difa quotes, status, SMS and wishes you all asked:

Pakistan Defence Day: Quotes and Status in English:

These are the defence day quotes in English that you can use on 6 September. Moreover, these can also be used as a WhatsApp status.

Quaid-e-Azam quote on Pakistan's strength and defence.
Quaid-e-Azam quote on Pakistan’s strength and defence.

Pakistan has always shown valor against its enemies. Even though Pakistan lost the 1971 war against India, the Indian general interview at that time is on record that:

Pakistan fought bravely in 1971 war but the situation got really out of control in East Pakistan and Thousands of miles distance from the west wing really caused Indian chances of the win to be higher.

Noam Chomsky quote on Pakistan is perfect for defense day.
Noam Chomsky’s quote on Pakistan is perfect for defense day.

Noam Chomsky is one of the most intellectual men of this generation. Upon asking a question that what will happen if we have a war with Pakistan, Noam replied that War with Pakistan would be an utter disaster.

6 September defence day gives the message of Peace to everyone.
6 September defense day gives the message of Peace to everyone.

Pakistani flag is a representation of many things. The most common one is the green part represents Muslims while the white part represents minorities. For others, it represents our land’s greenery and freedom. For some, it means peace.

Poetry on Pakistan army.
Poetry on Pakistan army.

Pakistan Defence Day: Quotes and Status in Urdu:

Here are some 6 September defence day quotes and Status in Urdu for you:

Poetry on Pakistan army in Urdu.
Poetry on Pakistan army in Urdu.

This poetry is also a prayer to Allah that may Pakistan never go downhill.

Pakistan is based on Islamic Ideology and Objective resolution is a part of our Constitution which States that Supremity belongs to Allah.

  • Pakistan Ka Matlab Kia: La Ilaha Illallah!
Poetry for Pak army Shaheed in Urdu.
Poetry for Pak army Shaheed in Urdu.

Pak Amry gave their blood to save Pakistan in all wars. Pakistan Defence day is also celebrated to pay tribute to our martyrs. In a speech on the Pak army, students always pay tributes to our Jawans!

Pak Amry quote of Imam Hussain in Urdu
Pak Amry quote of Imam Hussain in Urdu

Every inch of Pakistanis is loyal to Pakistan. According to Hazrat Imam Hussain, loving your country is an integral part of being a true Muslim.

Pakistan Defence Day Sms and Wishes:

  • A soldier does not fight because he hates what is in front of him. But he fights because he loves those who are behind his back. Happy Defence day to all, Pakistan Zindabad!
  • Celebrate this day in happiness and Sujood that we have a Army who defends us from every aggression. Long Live Pakistan and Long Live Pakistani soldiers.
  • Happy defence day! May we also dedicate ourselves to Pakistan just like the martyrs of 1965 war.
  • 6 September is the day in which we tell the world why Pakistan cannot be undone. A poet once said,“Humne to mit jana he ay Watan, Tum ne Zinda rehna hai Qayamat ki Sehr hone tak.” May Pakistan remain in its place till the judgement day.
  • 6 September is here. Which means you should either be delivering Pakistan defence day speech today or preaching the world in some way about how we are a powerful nation. Either way, Let’s pray our country remains strong till the Judgement day. Happy defence day and Pakistan Zindabad!

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