Obesity | Should a person only diet to stop weight gain?

Excessive accumulation of fat is Obesity
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Are you worried about weight gain? Is that leading to obesity? Well, you don’t need to worry anymore because here we are with solutions for you. Firstly, heavyweight is all pretty until it affects your health adversely. Further, fatness leads to hundreds of other diseases. Therefore, it must be controlled in the initial stage.

Being skinny is the ultimate goal of Gen-Z. However, they can’t leave the junk food too. Youngsters have piled on pounds due to their daily intake of junk meals. However, there is a common practice called diet to reduce weight. But not every time this could be useful. Dear reader! You can use other methods too.

What is Obesity?

It is a disease caused due to excessive accumulation of fat in the body. Not every healthy person is obese. What happens is, the fat gradually accumulates in blood vessels that leads to blockage of the vessels. This might cause diabetes, high blood pressure, cancers. However, in worst cases, this can lead to atherosclerosis and finally myocardial infarction.

Obesity is a disease caused due to excessive accumulation of fat in the body. Not every healthy person is obese.
Graph showing the proportion of overweight and obese people age-wise.

Can obesity be cured without dieting?

YES! It can be done but it requires consistent efforts. All you got to do is make simple alterations in your daily life. Numerically, 1 pound of fat is equal to 35000 calories. If you shave out 500 calories through exercise and dietary modifications then you can lose a pound a week. Isn’t that amazing?

Add low-fat proteins in every meal

It would help you to avoid overeating. You can also have some protein-rich snacks after every 3-4 hours. Therefore, it would maintain the blood glucose level.

Have proper breakfast

For a nutritious and active start to the day, you must have a proper breakfast. Many people avoid Breakfasts to cut the calories. But they are wrong because it won’t reduce weight. However, it would bring a lazy start to the day

Give up on night cravings

If you want to cut down fats, then you must avoid midnight cravings. Binge eating at night puts on a lot of weight. Just brush your teeth and go to sleep.

Avoid soft drinks

Carbonates are the chief source of toxic gases and fats. The sugar-containing drink leads to weight gain. Thereby, increasing the CVS disorders and high BP.

Go for a walk daily and Exercise

Go take your dog out for a walk. Add more steps to your daily routine. This would help in burning the carbs. Walking is not only for reducing weight. But it is significant when it comes to a healthy heart. Also, you may get a pedometer to keep a record of daily steps.

Intake plenty of water

Replace all your soft drinks with water. Try to drink a glass of water before every meal. High water intake not only burns calories but also freshens the skin.

Have a good sleep

A night of good sleep is very important. A stress-free mind will always experience healthy sleep. Stress disturbs the functioning of appetite regulating hormones. Disturbed mental health leads to poor sleep.

Obesity must be cured

Obesity causes around 300,000 deaths annually in the US. It is the second-highest cause of preventable mortalities. No one is urging you to work for being skinny. In conclusion, you must realize what is better for your health. Start working from today because tomorrow never comes!

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