NMDCAT 2021 | Students are worried about their fate!

NMDCAT students are worried about the new policies by PMC
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Dreams are not always easy to achieve! Every Pre-Medical student aims of becoming a doctor but very few are able to achieve it. For entrance into a medical college, one has to clear the National Medical College Admission Test (NMDCAT).

Previously, PM&DC conducted MDCAT on a provincial level. However, since 2020, PMC transmuted the policies. Instead of provincial tests, they conducted a single test on a national level. Pakistan Medical Commission regulated the whole procedure.

Moreover, students in 2020 were dissatisfied with their results and the test too. Therefore, students conducted many protests nationwide. However, Pakistan Medical Commission stood sure of the fact that there was no injustice.

NMDCAT 2021| All you need to know about the test!

In place of PM&DC, the government established Pakistan Medical Commission. Vice-Chancellor Ali Raza mentioned that they want competent students. Those who are ready to compete on international levels. Further, he mentioned that this year HSSC would have no relations with the test.

VC further announced, there would be no specific syllabus for NMDCAT 2021. However, PMC announced a common syllabus in 2020 but unfortunately was unable to make the test from the pre-announced uniform syllabus. This exasperated the already exhausted students, especially those of Sindh province.

Students protest due to National MDCAT 2020
Just after the results of NMDCAT 2020 were announced, thousands of students rushed out of their houses for protests against PMC.

The registration for NMDCAT 2021 is still going on, (NMDCAT 2021 REGISTRATION)

Students can now choose a date to give MDCAT on their own chosen date from MDCAT 2021 will be held online between 30th August – 30th September. If a student gets ill 1 day before the chosen date, it can also be rescheduled to another date.

VP PMC Ali Raza

Student’s are puzzled | Here’s Why?

However, the entry test has agitated the students because of several factors this year. Firstly, this year the registration fee is very high i-e: 6000. This amount is very high as compared to previous years where it ranged within 3000. Whereas, it is expected that more than 500,000 students would appear in the exam and would pay approximately 3 billion Rupees.

Secondly, the students are worried as they’ve lost the right to question PMC. They won’t be able to recheck the question paper or check out the authenticity of PMC. This time the commission will conduct a computerized test. All the students will have a unique test. The system will randomly select the MCQs for all students.

The passing marks are 65% for 2021. Furthermore, the result of the test would stay valid for the upcoming two years. However, if a student re-attempts the exam within this period, the highest marks from the tests would be considered.

PMC further explained that there might be questions out of course. They’ve recently added the logical reasoning questions in the exam. Whereas, due to computerized checking there are zero chances of human error so no rechecking is allowed.

For the conduction of the test, PMC has registered SOAR Testing and Evaluation Platform Limited after the due date of filing bids.

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