New Year Book Deals Save Money, Collect Books of Your Own Choice

New Year Book Deals Save Money, Collect Books of Your Own Choice
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Are you looking for New Year Book Deals to increase your knowledge and avail yourself of many books to grab this knowledge? Especially this article is going to be very informative for those who are addicted to reading and broadening their knowledge. Stick to this article and collect all the New Year Book Deals if you are ready. Stay tuned till the end with us. Let’s do it together.

New Year Book Deals By Gufhtugu

There are a lot of books available on this website, which you can buy by getting Discounts starting from 20% to 70% on a wide variety of books belonging to different categories. It involves Emerging Technologies, Islamic Books, Health Books, English Literature, Urdu Literature, and Much more. The deal will continue from 20 December to 05 January. Hurry up and Order Now.

Book TitleOriginal Price in Rs.Discount Price in Rs.
Internet sy Paise Kamain1200500
Python Programming1000500
Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin1500400
Artificial Intelligence1200500
Data Science1200400
Product Management800400
Machine Learning Set2400800
Kaggle For Beginners350200
Linux-An Operating System1000400
Machine Learning or Cyber Security1000400
Pyspark Set I&II2400800
Ashfaq Ahmad Books Set1768512500
Wasif Ali Wasif Books Set51504500
Travelogue Books Set48953900
Qasim Ali Shah Books Set51004700
Health Books Set73105900
Freelancing Books Set48501600
Data Scientist Books Set208506900
Yellow Barn Farm510400
Under The Street300250
Twirly Pearly500400
Treasured Tales2077350

New Year Book Deals By Libertybooks

Liberybooks also has a deal of up to 40% off on a huge variety of books, named the end-year sale. It includes a lot of categories such as Children’s Books, Fiction Books, Young Adults, Biographies, History, Self Help, Political, Business, Arts and Crafts, Education, Science, Humor, Fantasy, Poetry, Fashion and much more. Shop Now.

New Year Book Deals By Libertybooks
New Year Book Deals By Libertybooks
Book TitleOriginal Price in Rs.Discount Price in Rs.Discount in %
The Chemist400240-40%
And Then One Day A Memoir1395837-40%
CSR Pakistan20001500-25%
Daughter By Court Order595357-40%
The Love Between Mother and Son425318-25%
York Valentine695521-25%
1 Stock, 50 Soups13951046-25%
100 Ideas That Changed Film34952621-25%
100 Recipies- Vegetarian595446-25%
12 Shades of Surrender650390-40%
365 Science Experiment15951196-25%
41: A Portrait of My Father29951797-40%
500 Facts Human Body895671-25%
A Bus For Miss Moss450337-25%
A Brief Guide to Charles Darwin795596-25%
A Captain’s Duty895671-25%
A Dark and Broken Heart695417-40%
A Dedicated Man13501012-25%
A Fabolous Liar16501237-25%

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