New Music Video of Michael Jackson to Release After Death!

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After reading the title you must be wondering how this is possible for a dead person to release a music video! Moreover, this could’ve made you a little excited and perplexed too, right? Michael Jackson is the gem of the world’s pop music. Although he is dead still his songs have the power to intensify his living memories. Being a fan of pop music, I can say that there would hardly be a person on earth who didn’t like his taste. In this article, I’ll tell you about the new music video of Michael Jackson which is soon going to be released! Let’s dig into further details.

New Music Video of Late Michael Jackson! How is That Possible?

According to the sun, Michael Jackson’s brother Tito made this big reveal. He mentioned that the late singer’s family is all set to release some of his “Unheard Music.” It is the music he couldn’t release due to his death. Luckily, his family is going to make us all remember the legend pop-star’s era that gives us all happy tears.

“There is more music to release. They have music. He left behind the music,”

Michael Jackson’s brother Titotold The Sun.

He also mentioned, how pleasing it would be to listen to the deceased once again. The pop singer’s death was one of the most unexpected ones. 25th June 2009 was the day that had shocked the international media and pop lovers. The sudden demise of the singer left many broken hearts. Tito further mentioned that the family would love to try whatever that can work. He said,

“It would be so pleasing to be on a record with Michael once again. Anything that would work we would be willing to give a try and see what happens,”

He further mentioned that the singer’s family is trying its best to record a new studio album their first since 1989. Moreover, they are working on some previously unheard tracks from the late singer’s work.

He also said, “It’s beyond our control but they always try and get our participation and we’re always happy to offer.” This statement came in a reference to Sony. Back in 2016, SONY had paid 750 million dollars Michael’s share of Sony’s music publishing catalogue. Hence, the singer’s estate had renewed the deal with SONY.

“It’s definitely a brilliant idea. We’re thinking about doing something, so hopefully that will come to fruition,”


Jackson – The King of Pop Music!

michael jakcson
Ruler of the industry! (1958-2009)

Reason for Michael Jackson’s death – Jackson, the ruler of pop music would have been 63 years old today if he was alive. Back in 2009, he left this world due to a sudden cardiac arrest. His health conditions deteriorated due to acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication. He lost his life right after 65 days of continuous propofol usage.

Since the legendary singer died, two of his albums, “Michael” and “Xscape” have been released in 2010 and 2014 respectively. One of his famous tracks “Thriller” was also certified to be 34x platinum in the United States. It led to the sale of more than 34 million copies in the US only.

No star has been able to bring back flawless choreographies, on-stage energetic performances, and perfect notes like Michael Jackson. His perfect pop-style outfits can never be forgotten! Reminiscent of the loss of stars such as Michael Jackson has always been hard on the netizens. Even after years of his death, people once start enjoying any of his songs, it makes them end up binge-viewing fifty more! Hence, the new music video of Michael Jackson by his family is going to drive the fans crazy for sure! So let’s wait for the video to release! Till then, you can go and listen to some of his best songs listed below,

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